LED Poster Display (1)

P2.5 LED Poster Display

  • Slim & lightweight cabinet design
  • Easy and convenient mobility
  • Plug-and-play for convenient use
  • Multiple installation modes
  • Ultra-smart and fast operation

Lightweight and Ultra-Slim Design

Compared to other similar products, the TOP DANCE LED poster display features a slimmer structural frame with a cabinet size of 1920mm x 640mm and a lighter weight of just 35kg, making it extremely convenient. The stand includes wheels, allowing even one person to easily move it. Its slim architecture and thinner bezels also ensure smaller gaps, enhancing the overall visual experience.



Superb Visual Presentation

Want to instantly capture the attention of passersby with your advertisements? This LED poster display will definitely meet your needs with its ultra-high-definition visual effects, and module luminance and high refresh rate, ensuring smooth, delay-free playback for an exceptional visual experience. Vivid color saturation, uniform pixel brightness and brilliant brightness elevate your content instantly.



Wide Viewing Angle

The TOP DANCE LED poster display offers a viewing angle of 140°, accommodating a wider range of viewing angles and distances, presenting high-quality visual content without any blind spots, and delivering a perfect display effect for the audience.



Protection Technology

Enhanced and advanced protection features better safeguard against moisture, dust, corrosion, and static electricity, while also providing protection against overcurrent, short-circuit, overvoltage, and undervoltage.



Various Display Content

Supports playback of multiple file formats, offering high adaptability to meet the requirements of various types of content. It supports text files, WORD files, all image files (BMP/JPG/GIF/PCX…), and all animation files (MPG/MPEG/MPV/MPA/AVI/VCD/SWF/RM/RA/RMJ/ASF…).


Multiple Smart Control Method

The LED poster supports various signal inputs and can connect to multiple devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets, ensuring compatibility with different content formats and signal sources for your convenience.

Instant Plug and Play Operation

The TOP DANCE LED poster is an LED display product that is highly suitable for end-users. Once the program is loaded, just by connecting the plug, the LED poster can automatically play videos, images, text, and other content. Future uses do not require repeated software setups or other adjustments.

Support Multi-screen Splicing

LED poster screens can be assembled into larger displays. Thanks to the thin bezels of each LED poster, they can be joined nearly seamlessly, ensuring that the image on the large screen is not compromised. This assembly method is also known as cascading or split-screen mode, allowing the same video content to be divided and displayed simultaneously across two or more poster screens.

Various Installation Methods

LED poster displays offer various installation methods, including wall-mounting, ceiling suction, hanging, or stand support. You can also use them horizontally as banner displays, combining multiple LED poster screens to create a large display. Another innovative installation method is to tilt the digital posters to your desired angle, creating a truly creative LED display that is more captivating and eye-catching.


Where Can You Use LED Poster?

Enhance your promotional space with our cutting-edge LED poster displays, ideal for trade shows, retailers, businesses, public spaces, and beyond. Whether you’re elevating a shopping mall, boosting company branding, or enhancing an art exhibition, our adaptable displays are crafted to captivate attention and elevate any setting. Stand out from the crowd and engage audiences in ways you’ve never imagined before.



Single Cabinet Pixel 2.5mm
Density 160000 dot/m²
LED Composition 1R1G1B
Color Pure Red + Pure Green + Pure Blue
Cabinet Size 1920mm * 640mm
Cabinet Weight 35KG/SQM
Brightness ≥800cd/m²
Whole Screen Best Viewing Distance 3~10m
Best Viewing Angle Horizontal 140°, Vertical 140°
Environment Temperature Storage: -40℃ to +85℃, Working: -20℃ to +60℃
Humidity 10%~95%
Screen Depth Cabinet 12cm
Power Working Voltage AC220V±10%, 50Hz
Average Consumption 350W/m²
Max Consumption ≤800W/m²
Control System Control Computer Lenovo or equivalent
Operation System WIN 98/ 2000/ NT/XP
Control Way Synchronization
Display Card DVI display card
Main Technology Specification Refresh Rate ≥3840HZ

LED Poster With Various Pixel Pitch

LED Poster Display (1)

P2.5 LED Poster

LED Poster Display (2)

P1.86 LED Poster


Can LED posters sync for playback?

Absolutely! A video processor can be used with the LED poster for real-time video playback. This means you can stream video directly to the LED poster and display it exactly as it was filmed.

Can I display HD video content with the digital LED poster?

Yes. By connecting multiple P2.5 LED posters (preferably eight), you can create a video wall that delivers high-definition video content with unmatched clarity.

Are LED poster energy-efficient?

Yes. The digital LED poster is a new type of display that uses energy-efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to create images. Compared to LCD screens, LED posters are more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan.
What is the warranty period for the TOP DANCE LED Poster?
The TOP DANCE LED poster comes with a 3-year warranty and worry-free after-sales service, giving you a secure purchasing experience.