Rental Led Display

  • Enjoy Advanced Visual Effects
  • 2 Years of Warranty Provided
  • Quick Installation and Dismantling
  • Suitable for Various Types of Events

TOP DANCE has a variety of types of rental led display for indoor and outdoor use, which can perfectly meet your demands if you choose us. LED rental screen is widely used in the events like parties, weddings, coming of age ceremonies, DJ events etc., or stage setting. TOP DANCE will be your preferred choices if you are looking for purchasing rental led display.

Best-Selling Rental Led Displays

TP500K Series LED Display

TP500K Series
LED Display

500*500mm/1000mm Cabinet
GOB LED Display Module
Front Maintenance
TP500K Series LED Display

TP1000K Series
LED Display

500*1000mm Cabinet
GOB LED Display Module
Front Maintenance

TP1000A Series Outdoor Full Color LED Display

TP1000A Series
LED Display

500mm*1000mm Cabinet
High Refresh Rate
Rear Maintenance
TP1000S Series Indoor Led Wall Displays

TP1000S Series
LED Display

500mm*1000mm Cabinet
Pixel from P1.25mm to P2.5mm
Rear Maintenance

Distinctive Functions of Rental Led Display

Astonishing Refresh Rate

High refresh rate is needed for fluent viewing experience. Higher refresh rate produces smoother visuals, which is an ideal trait for displaying fast-moving contents. For astonishing refresh rate, TP500K & TP1000S & TP1000A are recommended.
viewing angle of TP 1000A outdoor full color led display

Optional Viewing Angle

Our Rental Led Display has a wide angle of 160 degrees. Provided with optional viewing angle, your visible range will be enlarged and it can accommodate more viewers to reduce the constraints of the venue on the crowds.

Dazzling Viewing Reward

With the combination of high resolution and exceptional output quality, Rental Led Display can reproduce breathtaking effects. Clear led display boasts superior brightness, enabling Rental Led Display to deliver striking visual impact.
Visual effect of TP1000s

Higher Brightness

With higher brightness, visual appeals can be increased greatly, allowing you to view the contents displayed on the screen clearly. Say goodbye to dark images and embrace bright and colorful image happily.

Easy Installation, Various Modes

TOP DANCE rental led display can be easily installed with a variety of modes, equipped with interlocking settings, which is safer and simpler, reducing your time and labor costs greatly. Interlock settings allow them to lock together, increasing the fixation and making the connection study and stable.
hanging installation mode

Wall-mounted Installation Mode

Led display screen can be mounted on the wall to present intuitive effects. Wall-mounted installation mode is commonly seen at indoor events setting, saving more space and artistically decorating the site as a decor or backdrop of the venue.

bracket installation mode

Bracket Installation Mode

Bracket installation allows flexible and sturdy installation. It requires less on surroundings. By simply using a bracket, led display screen installing can reduce the constraints of the site, which is more suitable for indoor or outdoor temporary events.
curved installation mode

Curved Installation Mode

Curved installation mode, well-known for its shape, being used widely in exhibition halls and museums, creating fantastic visuals to attract visitors’ eyeballs. Curve installation mode makes it out of the ordinary from other installation modes.
hanging installation mode

Truss Hanging Set-Up Installation Mode

Indoor space can be saved perfectly by utilizing truss hanging set-up installation mode, it brings flexibility and practicality to space using. This installation mode is primarily used for shopping malls, advertising, etc.

Easy Operation Method of Rental LED Display

It can be controlled by the computer, connected by the display controller to make it work, easy to operate and efficient. Simple, time-saving procedures allow you to spend less time on commissioning and more time on other event equipment setups.

Front Maintenance and Rear Maintenance

We provide front maintenance and rear maintenance for your options. Front maintenance design allows for accessing to the internal part of screen easily, which is time-saving and highly efficient. Rear maintenance design supports accessing from the back without adjusting the height and complicated disassembly procedures. Both of them can be easily maintained.
Front and rear maintenance of TP500K front maintenance led display (1)

Application Field of Rental Led Display

Rental Led Display screens can be applied in diverse fields, such as live sporting events, concert venues and weddings, etc. With its wide applicability, it will be perfectly respectable for you to choose a rental led display, allowing you to make more profits by doing rental business. It’s easier to get directly to the root cause of a problem for efficient and fast maintenance.

Flight Case Protection

Your Rental Led Display is under our special protection. In order to remain intact, we have equipped dedicated flight case to pack your Rental Led Display so as to avoid bumps during the shipment, providing you with better delivery quality. Avoid time and energy wasting in transportation between different venues on the handling, the flight case with wheels is efficient in handling, which is a very convenient choice for the event rental company!
Front and rear maintenance of TP500K front maintenance led display (1)

Why TOP DANCE Is the Best?

More Than 10 Years’ Production Experience

With more than 10 years’ factory production experience, TOP DANCE is professional and reliable for creating best led display. Covering a manufacturing plant of 10,000 square meters and a testing area of 1000 square meters, TOP DANCE can guarantee the products’ quality. With more than 20 production lines and complete sales team, TOP DANCE sells around 5,000 pcs every month, ahead of many other manufacturers in LED display industry.

High Quality Guarantee

If you purchased led display screens from TOP DANCE, the quality can be guaranteed for the reason that all the products were under strict quality inspection before the shipment. With specialized technicians’ inspection, you can buy our products with confidence without any concerns. Even custom led display panels are available to fit your needs.

Oversea Warehouse

In order to bring you convenience, mature logistics system was set up for faster delivery. To meet the needs of our international consumers, TOP DANCE established warehouses in Los Angeles and Belgium. In this case, shipment fees and customs clearance cost can be reduced.

After-Sales Support with a Full 2-Year Warranty

We support 24/7 after-sales service to assist you further. You are always welcomed to contact our customer service team at any time, and our customer service team will reply to you immediately. A full 2-year warranty is provided to protect your rights. Offering you with technical support and professional consultation.


1.What Benefits Can You Gain from led display screen rental?
Event rental companies utilize the displays for their event venue setting. Indoor and outdoor events such as weddings, parties, DJ events, conferences, mall events, etc. We provide rental LED display that are suitable for various indoor and outdoor event venues, with extended durability and top-notch quality. If you are an event company, choosing our rental LED display to expand your revenue.
2. What’s the Difference Between LED Display and Rental Led Display?
Compares to the normal LED display Rental Led Display requires easy installation and disassembly to reduce the labor costs to improve the installation efficiency.
3. What’s the Advantage of TOP DANCE Rental Led Display Screen?
Rental Led Display possesses the advantages of ultra-thin, long-service life, quick installation as well as affordable price. Thinner and lighter design make Rental Led Display easy to transport and it has long lifespan of 100,000 hours. It can be quickly installed, time-saving and handy.
4. Do You Sell Rental LED Display or Provide Rental Service?
We sell rental led display but we do not provide rental service. But if you are rental company, purchasing a set of rental LED display with factory price can bring you a lot of benefits such as extending your business range, creating better events, making more profits and attracting more business opportunities.