Enjoy the Ultimate Visual Feast with Top Dance LED Display

  • Offering Superior-quality and Durable LED display
  • Wide Range of LED Display for Various Application
  • Provide More Professional Technology and Services
  • A Higher Definition and Vivid Visual Experience
TP1000S Series LED Display (3)


Flicker-free and High Resolution Image, perfect for rental and events companies


Premier Choice for perfect and impactful visuals, quick response.

P2.976 LED screen
OUTDOOR P2.976 P2.604 LED Display


Excellent Viewing Performance, lightweight and fast-building LED Display.


Create smooth and stunning video and image, fast and easy Set-up.
TP480S Series LED Display
P2 LED screen


Impeccable visual, high-refresh rate, multiple installation method.


High-Protection GOB LED Display Module with Easy Front Maintenance
TP-881 500F Series Front Maintenance LED Display
TP960A Series LED Display


Optimized for stadiums on a budget, check out our cost-effective LED display!


Budget-friendly, durable outdoor LED displays for permanent installation.
TP960B Series LED Display
installation mode
Ground Support/ Hanging/ Wall Mounted

Optimized for stadiums on a budget, check out our cost-effective LED display!

Customer Testimonial

application field

Emma Event Planner Canada” Your LED display made our event unforgettable. The vibrant colors and sharp images caught everyone’s attention. It was easy to set up, and your team was incredibly supportive. Truly a game-changer for our presentations.”

Indoor LED wall (2)

Theater Manager
“The LED display brought our stage to life with its vivid colors and detailed images. It’s versatile, user-friendly, and has transformed how we engage our audience. Your team’s prompt support and service were impressive.”

Indoor LED event display

Corporate Coordinator
“The clarity and impact of your LED display at our corporate event were remarkable. It elevated our message, making visuals stand out in a way we hadn’t seen before. The process was smooth.”

Indoor LED wall

Event Organizer
“The LED display was a standout at our sports event, enhancing the live experience with its bright and dynamic visuals. Easy to use and backed by great support. Thank you for an excellent service.”

Why Choose Us?


Strict Quality Control

TOP DANCE ensures precision of each LED display. Strict quality testing is conducted for each LED display panel. This includes three specialized tests: testing of raw materials, inspection of production processes during manufacturing, and a dedicated testing area to check the performance of LED Display.

USA Warehouse

Enjoy a super convenient purchasing experience at TOP DANCE’s US warehouse where customers can visit and check products, as well as directly pick them up. It provides convenience for customers to pick up their orders directly from the warehouse, eliminating the need to wait for shipment or complete complex paperwork.

Comprehensive Solutions

We provide the most comprehensive LED display solutions for a wide range of LED displays, including indoor LED displays, outdoor LED displays, and rental LED displays etc, suitable for various occasions. The boast outstanding features, ensuring a seamless user experience without any hassle on your part.

Best Service and Support

TOP DANCE provides 24/7 online service to offer you any LED display solution. Our team is available round the clock to track and provide after-sales support, ensuring the most professional technical assistance. We are here to answer any questions related to LED displays.

International Standard

TOP DANCE offers the best quality LED displays, which are in line with world-class standards. Our LED displays are certified with CE and RoHS , showcasing top-notch technology and superior products. With an exceptionally and amazing 100000 hours long lifespan.

Affordable Price

High cost-effective products: With mature production experience, we have been manufacturing display screens for several years. We offer competitive prices, providing you with a valuable and cost-effective purchasing experience. Contact TOP DANCE to enjoy a worry-free purchasing experience with us.

SQM Factory Area

SQM Testing Area

Pcs of Monthly Sales

Years of Production Experience

LED Display Solution

TOP DANCE LED displays are suitable for various indoor or outdoor occasions. They possess outstanding performance, providing ultra-clear visual effects. The operation is incredibly simple will sure to meet your specific requirements.


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