Indoor LED Display Module

Indoor Led display modules come with the state-of-the-art image quality and fantastic color presentation to reward you with visually stunning effects and joyful viewing experience, ensuring high quality and offering a full 2-year warranty, which is an appealing option for indoor applications.

100000 hours of using hours

Indoor LED Display Module

250x250 LED Module Display (1)

250*250 Series
LED Modular Display

Size: 250*250 mm Module
Various Pixel Pitch Avaliable

320x160 LED Module Display (1)

320*160 Series
LED Module Display

Size: 320*160 mm Module
Suit for Various Cabinet

Multiple Pixel Pitch for Your Options

TOP DANCE offers various led display pixel pitch options for Indoor LED display modules, catering to different needs. Smaller pixel pitches ensure high resolution for close-up viewing, while larger ones suit events in spacious venues, providing impactful visuals. Having different led display pixel options allows you to select the best display for delivering maximum visual impact.
Various Pixel Pitch Available

GOB LED Display Module Options

TOP DANCE offers GOB modules with superior protection levels, ensuring better safeguarding, even in humid weather conditions, for enhanced protection.

Reliable LED Display Factory

TOP DANCE utilizes advanced production equipment and enhanced manufacturing techniques. As a first-class indoor led display manufacturer, TOP DANCE will identify and correct any faults by putting the modules to extensive testing, assuring that only faultless items reach you.

Professional Factory Test

Prior to being shipped and deployed, TOP DANCE professional factory testing ensures top-notch quality and performance, establishing trust in led display buy. The modules’ quality may be ensured with a wide professional testing area of 1000 square meters, three times for installation testing, and 72 hours testing for each panel.


1.What Is Required to Install an Indoor LED Display Module?

Firstly, determine the desired installation size for the LED display. Secondly, create the LED display’s frame. Thirdly, put the cords, control card, and power supply together. Fourth, the LED modules should be mounted to the frame. Lastly, utilize software to configure the LED display.

2. What Is the Average Lifespan of LED Display Modules?
The LED display modules can frequently live longer than 100,000 hours even they are operated at lower brightness levels or in colder temperatures.
3. What You Should Consider When Choosing Indoor LED Display Module?
When choosing the indoor LED display module, you should consider about the size, resolution, brightness, pixel pitch, content compatibility, color accuracy, refresh rate etc., for more information and solution, feel free to contact us to purchase low cost led display with high quality.
4. How to Maintain Indoor LED Display Module?
Maintain your LED display by regular cleaning to prevent dust and stains. Additionally, control temperature and humidity to avoid corrosion and overheating.