Sports Led Display

High Brightness Ensures Clearer Visibility
Suit for Close-Up and Long-Distance Viewing
Better Waterproof and Dustproof Performance
Vivid Visual Performance for Attention Catching

TOP DANCE provides first-class Sports LED Display to better cater to the needs of sporty events. It stands out as a reliable and efficient solution for outdoor used. Not only can it elevate the viewing experience of spectators, but it can also generate revenue from sponsors and advertisements. For sports usage like stadiums, sports meeting and sports advertisement, TOP DANCE Sports Led Display can better suit your needs and create amazing effects.

Sports LED Display Product

TP960A Series LED Display

TP960A Series Sports LED Display

960*960mm Cabinet
320*160 Module

Utility Sports Led Display

Visually Stunning Experience

Immerse yourself in breathtaking graphics and revel in the clarity and sharpness provided by TOP DANCE Sports Led Display. With the bright and vivid graphics of this outstanding full color outdoor led display, you will upgrade your entertainment setup or improve your using experience. With amazing clarity and high resolution, precise and sharp details on the image will be presented better, bringing visual display to a new level.

Smoother Visual Presentation

TOP DANCE Sports Led Displays present you a smoother visual experience. Without lagging, enjoy fast-paced visuals and videos, this outdoor led video display board will reward you with a more fluent viewing display, which makes it incredibly suitable for sports usage since it will present real-time broadcast so that you can track the sports events better.

High-level Brightness

TOP DANCE Sports Led Display boasts an exceptional level of brightness that ensures excellent visibility even in direct sunlight,which allows you to view the details on the screen clearly even under the direct sunlight.
brightness of TP 1000A outdoor full color led display
visual impact

Capture Every Detail

Every detail of the image will be recognized in a perfect way. TOP DANCE Sports Led Display’s sophisticated LED technology produces excellent picture quality, displaying vibrant and realistic colors. The LED backlighting system provides consistent lighting throughout the entire screen, minimizing irregularities and giving a flawless viewing experience from any angle.

Protective Mechanism

LED Module Mask design acts as a protective mechanism, influencing the display’s durability, dependability, and performance. With soft LED module mask, which can better protect the Sports led display. The design can better protect sports LED screen from collision, and reduce impact force. With a dual protection mechanism, you can be confident that our Sports Led display will be your first option.

Front and rear maintenance (1)

Multi Cabinet Installation Methods

Added a bar, connectors, and a fast lock for installation, as well as a rubber cushion and bracket for LED display. Especially bracket installation mode, not easily collapsed, offering an adjustable angle from 0 to 90 degrees. Despite the stadium’s broad dispersion of seats, the adjustable angle gives for a clear view of the upper tier of spectators.

seamless splicing of TP 960A outdoor led panel display

Rear Maintenance

Modular led display with rear maintenance design allows access from the rear without the need for height changes or complicated disassembly operations, allowing easy led display repair. They are simple to maintain, which makes it the ideal choice for you when it comes to sports usage.

Quick Rear Maintenance (2)

Applied Field of Sports LED Display

TOD DANCE Sports Led display is commonly used in stadiums, arenas, and other sports facilities. It is frequently used as exterior led display for video scoreboards, perimeter displays, and advertising as they possess the ability to display live video and sports advertisement. Its versatility and practicability make it the best option for you.

Flight Case for Better Protection

For the sake of the intact condition of TOP DANCE products, we utilized specially designed flight case for better protection to protect your Sports Led Display against violent collision, guaranteeing better delivery quality and providing you with better shopping experience. Also, with our wheeled case design, you can carry led wall outdoor display screen lightly, which is convenient and faster for ease transportation.
Front and rear maintenance of TP500K front maintenance led display (1)

What Makes Top Dance the Best out of LED Display Screen Manufacturers?

Rich Experience in LED Display Industry

With decades of industry experience in led display field, TOP DANCE has deep mastery of advanced technology in terms of led display screens, highly experienced in producing led display with multiple functions which can better serve you. TOP DANCE always follows the market trend and delves into users’ needs when developing led display screen products, committed to offering the best quality to you.

Superior Quality Assurance

The quality of TOP DANCE led display screen products can be guaranteed for the reason that we have a manufacturing plant of 10,000 square meters and a testing area of 1000 square meters as well as 20 production lines. With our large production team, we are definitely professional and experienced in led display industry. TOP DANCE products are under rigorous inspection during led display manufacturing process before the shipment, you can choose us confidently and we will offer first-class quality to you.

Well-Developed Logistics System

For the sake of your convenience, we have established overseas warehouses in Los Angles and Belgium. With our overseas warehouses, you can contact us if you are in an urgent need of our products for faster pick-up to avoid long-time waiting. Apart from that, shipping costs, taxes and complicated international procedures can be reduced greatly.

24 Hours After-Sale Guarantee & 2 Years Warranty

TOP DANCE will always prioritize you and we have a stringent management structure, a comprehensive quality assurance system, and an excellent after-sales service system. If you need our support and assistance, our customer service team would be happy to help with your issues further to offer you the best customer service. Additionally, we will reward you with a full 2-year warranty for led display repair if you choose us!

FAQs of Outdoor LED Display

1.What Should You Consider When Choosing a Sports LED Display?
Brightness, contrast ratio, viewing angle and refresh rate are the factors that needed to be taken into consideration when choosing a Sports Led Display. The screen must be visible in both daytime and direct sunlight. Outdoor sporting activities should have a high brightness level. A high contrast ratio is necessary for crisp images and videos. To provide seamless video playback and eliminate flickering, a high refresh rate is required. A broad viewing angle is also needed so that everyone in the audience can properly see the show.
2. What’s the Difference Between LED Display and Sports LED Display ?
Led Display are a form of display that generates images and movies by using light-emitting diodes. They are frequently used in advertising, digital signage, and other applications that require a bright and large led display. Outside led display screen is specialized Led displays that is popular in led display market, intended for usage in sporting facilities such as stadiums and arenas. Large outdoor led displays are designed to display live video feeds, scores, and other sports-related information.
3. What’s the Advantage of Top Dance Sports LED Display ?
Sports Led display can provide real-time scores, statistics, and game updates to sports fans, transforming how viewers interact with live sporting events. Coaches can make faster and more informed decisions on the court or field by recording in-game statistics more accurately and in real-time. The Sport LED Display utilizes less energy than traditional scoreboards and displays due to its use of LED technology.
4. What Are the Requirements for the Design and Installation of the Sports LED Display in the Stadium?
Sports Led Display safety and reliability standards, stadium audience density, and stadium equipment safety performance should be prioritized. The installation position of Sports Led Display for sporting events must ensure that more than 95% of the audience with fixed seats in the stadium can successfully view, as well as a wide visual distance and vision.