Professional Support

As an outstanding professional LED display manufacturer, TOP DANCE is proud to provide customer satisfaction-oriented services. Contact us to further discuss your needs. We look forward to working with you and promise to do our utmost to serve and assist you in solving any issues with LED displays.

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Pre-sales Service

We provide meticulous and attentive pre-sales services. From the moment you send us an inquiry, our service begins. We will provide you with the most detailed LED display solutions. Our knowledgeable sales representatives, along with professional technicians, will generate the most suitable and cost-effective LED display solution for you.

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Quality Inspection

We promise that each LED displays from TOP DANCE undergoes strict and meticulous quality inspections. We have a dedicated quality inspection team that follows a careful inspection system for each LED displays. This includes inspections of raw materials, regular inspections at every production stage, and a thorough 72-hour testing period in the testing area to ensure that the LED displays can be controlled properly and that the visual effects such as color accuracy, refresh rate, contrast, and grayscale meet the standards. Every batch of goods is strictly controlled according to certification standards to ensure the highest quality.

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Overseas Warehouse and Delivery

We have overseas warehouses in Los Angeles, USA, and Belgium, Europe, to provide customers with more efficient pickup options. By picking up from our warehouses, you can achieve the simplest and fastest way to obtain your purchased goods, saving costs and getting them as quickly as possible. We provide timely transportation services to ensure that you can quickly put your LED displays into use, thereby increasing efficiency and maximizing benefits.

Order-tracking Service

TOP DANCE values the experience and satisfaction of every customer. To ensure peace of mind, we provide exclusive order tracking services for each order. This allows you to have real-time control over the status of your order and shipment. You can contact your sales representative, and they will provide you with the latest updates on your order and shipment status.
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After-sales Service

We provide meticulous after-sales service with a professional team available online 24/7 to assist you with service and technical support. If you have any questions or issues regarding installation and setup, our after-sales team will be readily available to provide you with timely assistance.
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We provide comprehensive and detailed answers to all your inquiries regarding LED displays, including payment methods, product knowledge, technical information, operation settings, installation and maintenance, customization options, and more. Feel free to ask us any questions you have, and we will be happy to assist you with all the information you need.
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