TP 500k 1000k

TP500F/1000F Series

Front Maintenance LED Display

  • 500*500mm/ 500*1000 Cabinet Size for Selection
  • User-friendly Front Maintenance Design
  • GOB LED Display Module with High Protection Level
  • 2 Years Warranty and Better After-sales Service
  • P1.56,P1.95 Are Available

Front Maintenance LED Display

TP500F Series Front Maintenance LED Display, with precise pixels and perfect LED display design, features user-friendly front maintenance method and a lighter and slimmer cabinet design, making installation easier. It offers two cabinet sizes to choose from: 500*500mm and 500*1000mm, allowing you to select the LED display size that best suits your needs.

front maintenance led display

Superior Front Maintenance LED Displays Cabinet Design

With a lighter and slimmer cabinet design, which is more lightweight, reducing the burden of transportation during assembly. The meticulous cabinet design ensures seamless and stable assembly.

Size of LED Display

Two Size Options

By choosing the LED display screen cabinet size that best suits the venue requirements, you can opt for a more cost-effective configuration mode.

Size of LED Display

Front Maintenance

Convenient front maintenance method, the LED display modules are connected through magnets. Simply use the specified module to be easily pulled out for maintenance, taking just 3 seconds to complete. Allowing less LED display repair cost.

Seamless Splicing Indoor LED Display Wall

Achieve a fully seamless splicing, forming a completely seamless connected indoor LED display wall without gaps, super smooth, presenting a superior visual experience, and enjoying a high-definition immersive visual feast.

Seamless Splicing LED Display


Pixel pitch(mm) 1.56 1.95
Cabinet size 500*500 / 500*1000mm 500*1000mm
LED Type SMD1212 SMD1515
Module size 250*250mm 250*250mm
Module resoulution 160*160dots 128*128dots
Cabinet Weight 8 8
Refresh Rate ≥3840hz ≥3840hz
Gray scale 14-16 14-16
Best Viewing Distance 1.5~15m 1.5~15m
Best Viewing Angle 140°(W),120°(H) 140°(W),120°(H)
Lifetime 10000h 10000h
Display Card DVI display card DVI display card
Working Voltage AC220V±15% / 110V±15% AC220V±15% / 110V±15%
Brightness 600-800 600-800
Driver Way 1/40 1/32

Indoor LED Display Panel

TP 500k 1000k


250*250mm module size
500*500mm/ 500*1000 Cabinet Size
GOB LED Display Module

TP 500k 1000k


250*250mm module size
500*500mm/ 500*1000 Cabinet Size
GOB LED Display Module

Benefits of GOB LED Display Module

Top-level protection: Innovative GOB (Glue-On-Board) technology provides a higher level of protection with excellent dust-proof, water-proof, and shock-proof capabilities. Compared to other LED display panels, it is more durable and resistant, ensuring a longer lifespan and creating a more robust LED display.

GOB led display module of of TP 500K front maintenance led display

Enjoy the Superior Visual Effect

High Definition

The TP500F series offers P1.95 and P1.56 LED display modules with ultra-dense pixel points and higher led display definition, creating lifelike images.

High Refresh Rate

With an ultra-high refresh rate, the LED displays provide a comfortable viewing experience.

Saturated Colors and Great Contrast Rate

Instantly embark on your visual feast with our TOP DANCE full color LED display.
Vibrant and saturated colors with improved contrast, making the images appear more vivid and realistic.

Energy Saving

This series features a more energy-efficient design, consuming 10% less energy compared to other LED display manufacturers, making it more efficient.

Power Saving

Packing for Better Protection

In order to better protect the LED display screen and facilitate transportation, the TOP DANCE TP500F series uses flight cases as packaging to better protect each LED display panel, ensuring better storage and placement.

Packing of LED Display

Application Fields

The TP500F series indoor display can be used in places such as shopping malls, hotel lobbies, exhibition halls, etc., to showcase products, services, and advertising information. It can also be used as a rental LED display screen.
Some event rental companies purchase this display screen for indoor activities such as exhibitions, speeches, concerts, weddings, and coming-of-age ceremonies.


How are LED displays tested for quality assurance?

TOP DANCE’s LED displays adhere to strict quality testing standards. The quality testing process includes testing of raw materials, pixel points, regular testing during the production process, testing of control system functionality, and visual performance evaluation, including color, brightness, viewing angles, etc. The displays are also tested for their ability to function properly during normal usage.

What are the different mounting options for LED displays?

LED displays offer a variety of mounting methods to suit different installation requirements. Common mounting methods include wall-mounted, hanging-mounted, floor standing. More mounting options for easy installation in a variety of sites.

Are indoor LED displays resistant to screen flickering and image distortion?

Yes, our indoor LED displays are specifically designed to better reduce screen flicker and image distortion with high refresh rates, thus reducing or eliminating the flicker effect. Ensuring a smooth image display without distortion.

What is the expected lifespan of indoor LED display panels?

TOP DANCE produces high quality indoor LED displays that can last up to 100,000 hours. Regular maintenance and proper operation can help extend the life of an LED display.