Quality Inspection

TOP DACE provides more technical-oriented services because we have a highly professional team with high standards for quality. In order to achieve better product quality, we have dedicated areas, specialized equipment, comprehensive systems, and responsible personnel in place.

Professional Team:

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals with advanced technical knowledge and extensive industry experience. Our technical personnel have undergone professional certification and training, possessing comprehensive and profound technical expertise in LED display products. We hold high standards and strictly adhere to quality control measures to ensure product excellence. Regular training and continuous learning are integral parts of our team’s development process, allowing us to stay updated with the latest industry knowledge and apply it effectively in our work.

Professional Quality Inspection Procedures:

We have established strict quality inspection processes to ensure systematic, professional, and rigorous quality testing. Starting from the inspection of raw materials to meticulous checks at every production stage, and concluding with a comprehensive 72-hour testing process, our quality inspection team follows the prescribed procedures at every step.