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Illuminate your audience with state-of-the-art LED Poster Displays, meticulously designed to amplify visual appeal in advertising and promotional endeavors.

TOP DANCE LED Poster Display

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P1.86 Indoor LED Poster Display

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  1. What Is an LED Poster Display?

The LED poster display is an electronic display screen that is extremely easy to control and install, using plug-and-play. It uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to present information or advertisements. With features of high brightness, high contrast, and color saturation, long-distance viewing available, the installation and control are convenient and mobile, making it suitable for use in public spaces like storefronts, malls, and airports to attract attention and display content.

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2. What Size Is a LED Poster Screen?

The standard size for an LED poster display is most commonly 640 mm x 1920 mm, and the size can be expanded by connecting multiple units together. Other common sizes include 768 mm x 1920 mm and 576 mm x 1920 mm.

The specific conventional installation sizes for LED poster screens usually vary based on the actual usage scenario and user needs. Here are some common sizes:


Typically sized at 24 inches x 36 inches (approximately 610 mm x 914 mm), suitable for smaller spaces or when a smaller display is needed.


A common size is 40 inches x 60 inches (approximately 1016 mm x 1524 mm), suitable for environments that require a larger display but have limited space.


Sizes can reach 80 inches x 120 inches (approximately 2032 mm x 3048 mm or larger) or larger, suitable for large shopping malls, airports, or exhibitions where large-size advertising is needed.

3. Why Buy a LED Poster Displays Benefit You?

3.1 High Visual Attractiveness

In retail environments, exhibitions, or public spaces, traditional static advertisements struggle to capture consumer attention. If you aim to advertise, paper posters no longer effectively draw the attention of potential customers. In an era dominated by dynamic and vibrant visual effects, an poster led display excellently meets this need. Its high brightness and vivid colors significantly enhance pedestrian engagement, increasing interaction with potential customers and traffic flow.

3.2 Real-Time Content Updates

Traditional printed ads and paper posters take a long time to produce, requiring design, layout, and printing, and updates are time-consuming. LED poster displays allow for instant updates of advertisements or information, making them ideal for retailers and event organizers who need to respond quickly to market changes. Their flexibility enables businesses to display the latest promotions or urgent notices, ensuring that information is timely.

3.3 Customizability and Flexibility

LED display poster offer various sizes and configurations to accommodate different spaces and visual requirements. Typically, there are multiple options for pixels, LED module types, and sizes to meet the needs of different venues.

3.4 Ease of Management and Maintenance

Maintenance for LED poster displays does not require much effort, as they are user-friendly. The long lifespan and low energy consumption of LED technology also mean lower long-term operational costs.

4. LED Poster Display Price

The cost of LED poster displays can vary significantly depending on various factors, such as size, resolution, and additional features.

Size and Resolution:

Size and resolution affect the price of an LED poster display. The smaller the pixel pitch, resulting in a higher pixel count and higher resolution, the more expensive the display tends to be.

Brightness and Quality:

LED Poster Displays with higher brightness usually cost more, especially those intended for outdoor use. Higher brightness ensures visibility in sunlight and generally comes with better image precision and contrast ratios.


Additional features like touch capability, integrated media players, Wi-Fi connectivity, and rugged casings for weather resistance may increase the overall cost.

Brand and Warranty:

Well-known brands often charge higher prices, but they typically provide better reliability and customer support, along with more comprehensive warranties.

5. What’s the Advantages of LED Poster Display?

5.1 Various Types for Selection (Indoor/ Outdoor)

With a variety of options to choose from, LED display posters can be used both indoors and outdoors. There are different types available, including double-sided LED display posters and foldable LED display posters. Common pixel sizes include P1.86, P1.25, and P2, allowing you to select based on your specific needs.

5.2 Light Weight & Ultra-thin Frame

Compared to similar products on the market, the LED poster display is lighter, typically weighing around 35-40 kg, and often comes with wheels on the stand, making it easy for one person to move. Not only is it lightweight, but it is also very thin, with a thickness generally between 33-45 millimeters. This sleek and slender design enhances portability, installation flexibility, and aesthetics, while potentially reducing energy consumption and simplifying maintenance

5.3 Multiple Installation Modes

LED Poster offers a variety of mounting options such as vertical bracket, vertical pedestal, wall-mounted, elevated or suspended, multi-level, and creative mounting solutions. These options cater to diverse preferences and requirements. Additionally, you can utilize LED Poster horizontally as a banner display or seamlessly stitch multiple units together to create screens of varying sizes. It offers a wide range of installation options to cater to different preferences and requirements.

5.4 Support Multi-screen Splicing

LED poster screens can be seamlessly stitched together to create larger screens, thanks to their thin bezels. This allows for a more immersive display area without compromising the image presented on the screen. Combining multiple LED poster screens ensures consistent image quality throughout the display area, with no visible gaps or inconsistencies between the individual screens.

5.5 Application Fields of LED Poster Display

LED display posters are highly adaptable and can be used in numerous environments such as shopping centers, transit stations, corporate buildings, hotels, banks, and more. It provides engaging and dynamic displays that are ideal for advertising and communication needs.

6. How to Install LED Poster Display?

Supporting with plug and play design, the LED poster is an LED poster video display product that is ideal for end-users. Once you send the program, it can automatically play videos, pictures, text, and other programs when you connect the plug. There’s no need to repeat software settings or any other work when you use it later on.

7. How Does an LED Poster Display Board Work?

The LED Poster can be connected to support a variety of playback methods to adapt to different scenarios. It supports synchronous and asynchronous playback. To achieve a better advertising effect, the digital LED poster display can also be connected to speakers. Furthermore, LED posters support interactive functions that are customizable. This makes it easier to create impressive and unforgettable advertisements.

8. Why Choose TOP DANCE LED Poster Display?

Choosing a TOP DANCE LED Poster Display offers numerous advantages that can significantly enhance your advertising and promotional strategies. Here’s why TOP DANCE stands out as a superior choice:

8.1 Exquisite Image Quality:

Offer high brightness, high contrast, high refresh rate, delicate image quality, and realistic display effects with a 160° wide viewing angle.

8.2 Integrated Design, Ultra-thin and Lightweight:

TOP DANCE LED poster display weighs only 35 kg and. This sleek and slim design enhances the portability, flexibility of installation, and aesthetics of the LED poster display, while also potentially reducing energy consumption and simplifying maintenance.

8.3 Multiple Control Modes:

The LED poster also known as wifi control poster led display, featuring WIFI connectivity, allowing users to control it using either a computer or smartphone. It includes an integrated media player that supports both synchronous and asynchronous modes.

8.4 Multi-Screen Seamless Splicing:

TOP DANCE LED poster screen allows for the creation of larger, more immersive display areas by seamlessly splicing multiple LED poster screens, ensuring consistent image quality across the entire spliced display area without noticeable gaps or inconsistencies.

8.5 Multiple Installation Modes:

Supports plug and play and user-friendly installation mode, various installation methods, including multi-screen seamless splicing, vertical installation, and suspended installation.

8.6 3-Years Warranty

The TOP DANCE LED Poster Display comes with a comprehensive three-year warranty, ensuring extended protection and peace of mind for your investment.

8.7 Dedicated After-sales Service

We excel in providing high-quality LED poster displays, a thorough understanding of customer needs, and reliable after-sales service. Our team of experts is responsible for handling all matters.

8.8 Certificate Proved

We provide all relevant certifications to ensure that the product quality meets stringent standards.

9. Conclusion

Investing in a TOP DANCE LED Poster Display not only enhances the visual appeal of your space but also ensures reliability through comprehensive warranties and certifications. Contact us now for direct factory price!