Factory Tour


TOP DANCE covers a large factory area of 1000 square meters, encompassing production workshops, 20 production lines, display areas, storage areas, office areas, and exhibition areas.

The production workshops house 20 production lines, where skilled workers carry out daily operations to ensure the quality of LED display production. In addition, the workshops have dedicated areas for specialized machinery and equipment, operated by technical personnel to ensure the precision of LED displays.

The storage area is specifically designed to provide suitable storage conditions for raw materials, components, and finished products, ensuring the safety and organization of materials.

The exhibition area is dedicated to showcasing our products, including samples. We conduct online live broadcasts to provide detailed explanations of our LED display products to customers worldwide.

TOP dance Factory


Testing Area

We have an unparalleled large-scale testing area in the industry specifically designed for testing LED displays. Each finished LED displays undergoes meticulous testing to ensure optimal playback performance, proper functioning of accessories, and seamless operation control. This allows us to guarantee the normal display effect and ensure superior manipulation capabilities.