Indoor LED Displays

TOP DANCE offers a wide range of Indoor LED displays for selection, which can be widely applied in indoor events, stages, conference rooms, and various venues, or used as rental application. Providing wide pixel options range from P1.56 to P5.

Indoor LED Display Products

TP480S Series TP480S Series

TP-886 480F Series

640*480mm Cabinet
Front Maintenance
Pixel Pitch: P1.25, P1.538, P1.8605, P2, P2.5

TP500K Series Front Maintenance LED Display

TP-881 500F Series

500*500mm Cabinet
GOB LED Display Module
Front Maintenance
Pixel Pitch: P1.56, P1.95
TP1000K Series Front Maintenance LED Display

TP-883 1000F Series

500*1000mm Cabinet
GOB LED Display Module
Front Maintenance
Pixel Pitch: P1.56, P1.95
TP-885 1000B Series Indoor LED Wall Displays

TP-885 1000B Series

500mm*1000mm Cabinet
High Refresh Rate
Rear Maintenance
Pixel Pitch: P2.5, P2.604, P2.976, P3.91, P4.81

Advantages of Indoor LED Displays

High Refresh Rate

TOP DANCE indoor LED displays feature high refresh rates, guaranteeing smooth and seamless visuals that cater to the requirements of customers.

Superior LED Display Definition

TOP DANCE indoor HD LED displays deliver high-definition, vivid, and lifelike visual images, providing an immersive visual experience and visual enjoyment for you.

Super Clear Visual Impact

Indoor LED display panels have better brightness to adapt to various lighting conditions in different scenes, ensuring optimal brightness levels for clear picture presentation and a comfortable viewing experience.
Vivid and Clear Image
Wide Viewing Angle

Wide Viewing Angles

Viewing angle is up to 160° vertical and horizontal. With a wider viewing angle, it ensures a broader visible area, catering to larger spaces or larger-scale event scenarios.

Energy Saving

Indoor LED displays wall are designed with lower power consumption, making them a more energy-efficient choice.
Power Saving
100000 life span

Superior Longevity

More optimized LED display design, more high-quality LED display materials, to ensure up to 100,000 hours of long and excellent service life.

Multiple Installation Mode of Indoor LED Display

TOP DANCE provides diverse LED display installation options, allowing for flexible adjustments to different settings and achieving optimal and convenient setting.

curved installation mode (2)

Curved Installation Mode

It can achieve curved installation, allowing creative usage scenarios and installing flexibility to meet the diverse requirements of LED display projects.

hanging installation mode (2)

Hanging Installation Mode

LED displays can be adapted to a hanging installation mode, saving floor space and allowing for more flexible utilization of the available space.
bracket installation mode

Bracket Installation Mode

Bracket installation mode allows for the LED display to be mounted upright using a bracket, offering flexibility regardless of the venue conditions.
hanging installation mode

Wall-mounted Mode

Wall mounting is a common and suitable installation mode, especially for front-maintenance displays. It provides flexible space utilization by hanging the display on the wall.
corner installation mode

Corner Installation Mode

Corner installation is a novel and creative way to meet special installation requirements, utilizing corner spaces in a visually striking manner.

How to Maintain the Indoor LED Displays?

TOP DANCE’s indoor LED displays offer multiple maintenance options, including front maintenance and rear maintenance. In the case of module damage, front maintenance allows for maintenance using a magnetic suction method.

Front and rear maintenance of TP500K front maintenance led display (1)

In What Scenarios Can Indoor LED Displays Be Used?

Indoor LED displays have versatile applications and can be used in various settings. Some examples include commercial spaces like shopping malls and hotels, where they can showcase advertisements and promotional content. They are also suitable for indoor events such as exhibitions, conferences, parties, and banquets. Additionally, they are often utilized as captivating stage backdrops during live concerts.

How to Pack LED Indoor Displays?

We use flight cases to package indoor LED displays, ensuring better protection for the LED wall display board. The sturdy outer shell and compact internal design of the flight cases help to absorb shocks and prevent collisions during transportation, ensuring the product remains undamaged.
Flight Case

TOP DANCE – Reliable Indoor LED Display Supplier

20 Production Lines

With mature manufacturing techniques and professional attention to production details, the efficient production process ensures the creation of high-quality inddor LED panel display.

1000 SQM Testing Area

We have a dedicated 1000 square meter testing area for LED display testing. Regular quality inspections are conducted based on our quality control system to ensure high product quality during the production process.

Warranty&After-sales Service

We provide a 2-year extended warranty. Our after-sales team is available 24/7 to assist you with any technical issues you may encounter, ensuring prompt communication and problem resolution.

Best Solution

As a professional LED display manufacturer, we offer excellent display sale. Our sales and technical teams collaborate to provide customized LED display solutions tailored to meet specific customer needs.

Advanced Equipment

We possess advanced equipment and instruments, aiming to create more precise and high-quality LED display products.

FAQs of Outdoor LED Display

1. What Is Required to Install an Indoor LED Display Module?

Firstly, determine the desired installation size for the LED display. Secondly, create the LED display’s frame. Thirdly, put the cords, control card, and power supply together. Fourth, the LED modules should be mounted to the frame. Lastly, utilize software to configure the LED display.

2. What Is the Average Lifespan of LED Display Modules?

The LED display modules can frequently live longer than 100,000 hours even they are operated at lower brightness levels or in colder temperatures.

3. What You Should Consider When Choosing Indoor LED Display Module?

When choosing the indoor LED display module, you should consider about the size, resolution, brightness, pixel pitch, content compatibility, color accuracy, refresh rate etc., for more information and solution, feel free to contact us to purchase low cost led display with high quality.

4. How to Maintain Indoor LED Display Module?

Maintain your LED display by regular cleaning to prevent dust and stains. Additionally, control temperature and humidity to avoid corrosion and overheating.