GOB LED Display Module

Higher Level of Protection
Fabulous Visual Reward
Seamless Design
Extensive Viewing Angle

Ultra-clear Visual Experience

The GOB LED Display Module gives an enthralling visual experience, producing spectacular graphics with remarkable clarity and detail because to its high resolution and rich color reproduction. It provides an immersive and engaging visual experience for the audience, whether for advertising, events, or entertainment.

Excellent Brightness Level

The GOB LED Display Module is well-known for its high levels of brightness. It is intended to produce vivid and eye-catching pictures even in bright conditions. The GOB LED Display Module ensures that your content shines brightly and attracts attention in both led wall screen display indoor and outdoor settings.

Seamless Design

The GOB LED Display Module is designed to be seamless, with no visible gaps between individual LED pixels, resulting in a smooth and immersive visual effects. It provides the audience with a fluent and uninterrupted viewing experience, allowing for a more enthralling visual impact.

Enhanced Durability

The GOB LED Display Module is more protected to preserve its endurance and lifetime. It is protected by a glue-filled seal that renders it resistant to dust, moisture, and external impact. This improved protection serves to protect the module from potential harm, allowing it to be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

Waterproof Function

The waterproof capability in a GOB LED display module resists and protects against water or moisture entry, allowing the module to be used securely in outdoor situations, even in rainy or humid weather, without reducing performance or causing damage. The waterproof function makes it suited for a wide range of applications.

Shock-proof Function

A GOB LED display module’s shockproof function allows it to withstand and absorb mechanical shocks or vibrations without affecting its performance or causing damage, ensuring the display’s durability and reliability even in environments with vibrations or physical disturbances.

Dust-proof Function

The dust-proof function in a GOB LED display module prevents dust and other particles from entering and gathering inside the module, ensuring that the module remains clean and free of dust buildup, which can impair the display’s performance and visibility and improve the display’s dependability and endurance.

Broad Viewing Angle

The GOB LED Display Module has a broad viewing angle, allowing viewers to clearly see the content from a variety of locations. This wide viewing angle guarantees that your message or content reaches a wider audience, making it ideal for installations where people may be viewing the display from various angles.
viewing angle


1. What Are the Advantages of the Gob LED Display Module?

GOB LED Display Modules provide a high level of brightness, a seamless design, increased durability, energy efficiency, and a broad viewing angle. These characteristics combine to a visually appealing and long-lasting display, making it a dependable and versatile alternative for a variety of applications.

2. Can the Gob LED Display Module Be Used for Outdoor Applications?

Yes, the GOB LED Display Module is suitable for outdoor led wall screen use. It is built to survive outside conditions and has a protective glue-filled seal that protects it from dust, moisture, and external damage. It is resistant to sunshine, rain, and other environmental variables that are frequent in outdoor led screen wall situations.

3. How Do I Install an LED Display Module?

The Gob LED display has better protective design, which make the module shockproof, waterproof and dust proof resulting in less maintenance cost. It provided clearer and more colorful visuals than SMD module.

4.What Are the Applications of Gob LED Display Module?

GOB LED Display Modules are used in a variety of industries and environments, including led display stage, elevator, fitness room, shopping mall, subway, auditorium, conference room, event, studio, and concert.