LED Sphere Display

Enhance visual impacts and attract more attention of your audiences by using LED spherical displays to showcase creative content.

TOP DANCE LED Sphere Display

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1.What is LED Sphere Display?

The spherical LED display, also known as an LED video ball due to its ball-shaped appearance, incorporates cutting-edge visual technology that creates a globe-like structure with LED lights. This design provides a comprehensive 360-degree viewing experience, allowing for clear and vivid display of images and videos from all directions. The Sphere’s exterior LED display is fully customizable, capable of showcasing a diverse array of content including fireworks, animations, underwater vistas, and moon-like terrains.

2.How Can a LED Sphere Display Benefit You?

2.1 Improve Attractiveness of Your Venue Setting:

Say goodbye to ordinary setups at your venues or events. The sphere led screen, with its eye-catching appearance and 360-degree viewing capability, immediately captures the attention of attendees and passersby alike. It serves as the focal point, elevating the appeal and interaction of your space.

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2.2 Meet Unique Display Requirements:

Choosing a sphere screen means embracing a fresh and innovative approach to content delivery. Stand out from the crowd with a display that offers a unique visual experience, capable of showcasing dynamic content from various perspectives simultaneously—ideal for creative and interactive exhibits.
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2.3Facilitate Multi-angle Information Dissemination:

Dealing with the challenge of effectively delivering information across extensive spaces and from multiple angles? The spherical design ensures that content is visible from any direction, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage and audience reach.

Large viewing angle

2.4 Enhance Customer Engagement and Interaction:

Enhance audience engagement and interaction with spherical screens—an essential tool for advertisers and exhibitors aiming to foster deeper audience involvement.

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2.5 Support Indoor and Outdoor Use, Cost-effectiveness:

In need of a display solution that can withstand both indoor and outdoor settings under varying weather conditions? With high weather resistance and multiple protection levels, spherical displays are your versatile choice, perfect for diverse environments.

LED Sphere Display for outdoor use

2.6 Relatively Low Maintenance & Long-Term Use:

LED technology stands out for its durability and energy efficiency, enabling you to slash maintenance expenses and lower overall ownership costs. Enhance your display strategy with the sphere lighted display, the superior choice for long-lasting impact.


3.What’s the Application Field of LED Sphere Display?

Sphere LED display can revamp your exhibits, shopping centers, museums, corporate lobbies, sports venues, and outdoor plazas into captivating environments. Elevate your spaces into immersive experiences that engage and impress, transforming how visitors interact and enjoy your venue with innovative displays that command attention.

Application fields of LED Sphere Display

4.What’s the Advantages of LED Sphere Display?

Full Direction Viewing:

With a complete 360-degree visual journey with the spherical design, enabling flawless content viewing and enriching your immersion. This distinctive feature shines in central display locations, ensuring seamless visual transitions and comprehensive detail visibility as viewers move around.

360 viewing angle

High Visual Appeal:

Experience the captivating allure of the unique spherical shape—a natural focal point that effortlessly captures and retains attention. Witness dynamic content on the led video sphere’s surface, amplifying the aesthetic.

High Visual Appeal

Multi-Angle Content Display:

Explore the flexibility of simultaneously showcasing diverse content across the sphere’s surface. Ideal for multi-topic presentations and interactive advertisements, this innovative approach enthralls you from various perspectives, enhancing their viewing experience.

Multi-Angle Content Display

High Customizability:

Craft your vision with customizable spherical LED screens, meticulously tailored to your precise requirements in size, resolution, and pixel configuration. Versatile and accommodating various content formats and playback styles.


5.Why Choose a Spherical LED Display from TOP Dance?

High-Definition Visuals:

Experience unparalleled clarity with a 2.5mm pixel pitch, delivering high-resolution imagery that ensures every detail is sharp and distinct. Whether viewed up close or at a distance of 3 to 10 meters, this display is perfect for capturing the attention of your audience in both intimate and expansive settings.

Good visual effect

Vibrant Color Accuracy:

Enjoy the brilliance of true colors with a pixel configuration of 1R1G1B, featuring pure red, green, and blue. This combination not only produces vivid and accurate colors but also creates high-quality, lifelike images that captivate and hold viewer attention.

High color accuracy

Wide Viewing Angle:

Engage more viewers with the spherical design that offers a full 360-degree viewing experience and an optimal viewing angle of 140 degrees horizontally and vertically. This ensures that content is visible from almost any angle, maximizing audience engagement.

Durable and Reliable:

Invest in longevity with a display that boasts an impressive lifespan of up to 100,000 hours and a high average trouble-free time, significantly reducing downtime and maintenance needs.

Durable and reliable

Environmental Resistance:

Depend on a display designed to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +60°C and humidity levels from 10% to 95%. This durability makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments, seamlessly adapting to any setting.

Energy Efficiency:

Enjoy a display that, despite its high performance, maintains energy efficiency with an average power consumption of 350W/m2 and a maximum of 800W/m2, ensuring cost-effective energy usage.

Low power consumption

Advanced Control System:

Take charge with an advanced synchronization system that includes a DVI display card and full-color control cards. This configuration supports intricate graphics and smooth content management. The LED Studio software allows for precise adjustments and effective content management.

Multimedia Compatibility:

Broaden your content options with a display that supports various media formats, such as text, Word documents, common image files (BMP, JPG, GIF, PCX), and video animations (MPG, MPEG, MPV, MPA, AVI, VCD, SWF, RM, RA, RMJ, ASF). This versatility enables you to customize content to cater to your audience’s specific requirements.

6.How to Install TOP Dance Spherical LED Display?

Hanging Installation/Fixed Installation

Typically utilized in exhibition centers and shopping mall atriums, the spherical LED screens is suspended in the air by wire rope or metal chain to enhance the visual effect. Or it can be affixed to walls or structures, suitable for long-term displays such as corporate lobbies, providing high security.

Hanging Installation

Floor Stand Installation / Mobile Installation

Positioned on the ground or platform for up-close viewing, ideal for exhibitions and reception areas to ensure stability and safety. The mobile stand with wheels for added flexibility, ideal for temporary exhibitions, facilitating screen movement.

Floor Stand Installation

7.How to Control TOP Dance Spherical LED Display?

Utilize specialized software for managing and scheduling display content. This software commonly includes a user-friendly interface that enables users to effortlessly upload and edit videos, images, and text content. It can operate on a computer and link to the display screen via a network, facilitating remote control and monitoring.


Step into the future of display technology with our state-of-the-art control options for spherical LED displays. TOP Dance solutions cater to all your needs, enhancing flexibility and engagement. Elevate your visual presentations effortlessly.

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