Unlock the Brilliance of P4.81 LED Screen:
A Display Revolution

The TP-P4.81 LED screen by TOP DANCE is a fusion of cutting-edge technology, perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. It offers stunning visuals with vibrant colors and smooth transitions, transforming any space into a captivating visual experience. Discover the unmatched benefits and features of 4.81 LED screen.

TOP DANCE P4.81 LED Screen

TP-885 1000B Series Indoor LED Wall Displays

TP-885 1000B Series

500mm*1000mm Cabinet
High Refresh Rate
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TP-887 1000B Series Outdoor Full Color LED Display

TP-887 1000B Series

500mm*1000mm Cabinet
High Refresh Rate
Rear Maintenance

1. What is P4.81 LED Screen?

The P4.81 LED screen, often referred to as a P4.81 LED display, represents the cutting-edge in LED video display technology. Its name originates from its distinct pixel pitch of 4.81 millimeters, which pertains to the space between individual LED pixels on the display. With this precise pitch, the P4.81 LED screen offers an exceptional blend of clarity and brightness, setting a new standard in visual experiences.

1.1 What is the difference between LED P4.81 and P10 LED screen?

The distinction between P4.81 and P10 LED screens lies in their pixel pitch, which represents the distance between adjacent pixels. A P4.81 LED screen has a pixel pitch of 4.81 millimeters, resulting in higher resolution. This makes it ideal for locations where viewers are close, like indoor displays. In contrast, P10, with a 10 millimeter pixel pitch, is better suited for larger outdoor displays where viewers are at a distance, such as stadium screens.

A finer pixel pitch in P4 screens typically means a higher price due to the increased LED density, but they offer superior brightness, making them apt for well-lit indoor settings. P10 screens can be more cost-effective for expansive installations and are tailored for outdoor environments with their optimized brightness levels.

Choosing between P4 and P10 hinges on your specific needs, viewing distance, and budget. Choose a reliable LED screen manufacturer that can provide expert advice to ensure you make an informed choice.

2. What size is P4.81 LED screen panel?

Typical sizes for P4.81 LED screen panels include:
500x500mm: Favored for rental LED displays due to its portability and modularity, making event setups and takedowns efficient.
500x1000mm: A preferred choice for expansive events or permanent displays, offering a wider viewing area without the need for frequent setups.
1000x1000mm: Ideal for large-scale applications like billboards or extensive stadium displays.
These dimensions are standard and common, but they might differ among manufacturers. When seeking the right size, consulting with a trusted supplier like TOP DANCE ensures you find the perfect fit for your requirements.

3. What features should P4.81 LED screen have?

wide viewing angle
High Resolution
With a pixel pitch of 4.81mm, the screen provides clear and detailed visuals. This resolution ensures sharp images, making it suitable for displaying intricate text, graphics, and video content.
Wide Viewing Angle
The P4.81 LED screen should offer broad horizontal and vertical viewing angles, ensuring the content remains vibrant and legible from various perspectives.
Brightness Control
An effective P4.81 LED screen will have adjustable brightness levels, catering to both indoor and outdoor environments. It should be capable of producing high brightness for outdoor visibility and dimmer settings for indoor use.
Color Uniformity
Consistency in color and brightness across the entire screen is crucial. Advanced color calibration techniques should be employed to guarantee uniform and accurate color representation.
High Refresh Rate
A refresh rate of at least 1920Hz ensures smooth video playback without noticeable flicker or motion blur.
high refresh rate
Modular Design
The screen should be made of modular panels, allowing for easy assembly, disassembly, and maintenance. This design ensures quick replacements or repairs of individual panels without disrupting the entire screen.
Built with quality materials, the screen should be robust and resistant to environmental factors, ensuring longevity, especially if used outdoors.
Seamless Splicing
The ability to combine individual panels seamlessly is vital for creating large displays without visible gaps or interruptions.
Versatile Installation
The screen should support a variety of installation methods, from wall mounting to bracket installation, ensuring adaptability to different venues and applications.
installation mode of P4.81 led screen
Multiple Input Source Compatibility
The LED screen should easily integrate with various input sources like computers, media players, and other video sources, allowing diverse content playback.
Energy Efficiency
Modern P4.81 LED screens should be designed for optimal power consumption, ensuring both environmental friendliness and cost savings.
Front and Rear Maintenance Access
This feature simplifies the maintenance process, allowing for quick repairs or replacements without dismantling the entire setup.
front maintain and rear maintenance

4. What Are the Advantages of Using the P4.81 LED Screen?

application field of P4.81 led screen
Enhanced Audience Engagement
The P4.81 LED screen’s vibrant and clear visuals capture and hold the audience’s attention, ensuring your message gets across effectively.
Cost Savings
The energy-efficient nature of the P4.81 LED screen reduces power consumption, leading to significant savings on electricity bills.
Space Optimization
Its compact design allows businesses to make the most of available space, be it in retail, events, or corporate settings.
Consistent Brand Image
A high-quality, seamless display contributes to a polished and professional brand image, fostering trust among clients and partners.
Whether you’re hosting an indoor conference or an outdoor concert, the versatility of the P4.81 LED screen ensures optimal visuals for every setting.
Low Maintenance Costs
Easy maintenance features mean reduced downtime and lower costs associated with repairs and technical services.
Long-Term Investment Value
Durable and reliable, the P4.81 LED screen promises longevity, ensuring that businesses get value for their investment over the years.
Safety and Compliance
Adhering to international safety standards, businesses can be assured of the safety and compliance of the P4.81 LED screen.
By choosing the P4.81 LED screen, businesses are not only investing in a high-quality display solution but also addressing the core concerns and preferences of their target audience, ensuring a win-win scenario.

4.1 Application Fields of the P4.81 LED Screen

Live Events and Concerts: The P4.81 LED screen is a game-changer for live performances. Its exceptional clarity ensures audiences are completely engrossed, whether it’s a rock concert, a classical performance, or a live theater act.

Corporate Events and Conferences: For corporate seminars, product launches, or international conferences, the P4.81 LED screen ensures every presentation, video, and image stands out, leaving an indelible impression on attendees.

Festivals and Cultural Events: Whether it’s a film festival, cultural carnival, or music fest, the P4.81 screen enhances the vibrancy of every event, ensuring attendees are treated to a visual feast.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions: At trade fairs where businesses showcase their products or services, the P4.81 LED screen grabs attention, making sure exhibitors stand out from the crowd.

Outdoor Events and Rallies: For grand outdoor gatherings, from political rallies to public service campaigns, the P4.81 LED screen ensures messages are conveyed clearly, reaching audiences far and wide.

Weddings and Personal Events: For those personal events, the P4.81 screen adds a touch of luxury, broadcasting cherished moments in crystal-clear detail.

Retail and Shopping Events: Brands hosting sales, product launches, or special shopping days in malls can leverage the captivating display of the P4.81 LED screen to attract and inform shoppers.

5. The Excellence of TOP DANCE P4.81 LED Screens

high definition of P4.81 led screen
Spectacular Visual Experience
Our P4.81 LED screen offers unparalleled visual clarity. With its precise pixel pitch, it ensures that every image is sharp, every video is vibrant, and every message is crystal clear.
Built for Events
Especially designed with events in mind, this screen is a game-changer for any live performance, corporate seminar, trade fair, or cultural festival. Its modular design ensures easy assembly and disassembly, making it the go-to choice for event managers and planners.
Seamless Integration
Compatibility is never an issue. Our screen easily integrates with various input sources, ensuring a smooth experience for users.
seamless splicing of P4.81 led screen
Reliable and Robust
At TOP DANCE, we understand that reliability is key. Our P4.81 LED screen is built with durability in mind, ensuring it withstands the challenges of both indoor and outdoor environments.
Optimal Viewing Angles
Experience consistent clarity from multiple vantage points with wide viewing angles of 160° vertical and 120° horizontal.
High Refresh Rates
With a refresh rate of 3840Hz, expect fluid visuals free from lag or distortion, crucial for live broadcasts and high-speed content.
Versatile Cabinet Sizes
We understand different events have different needs. Our P4.81 LED Screen comes in multiple cabinet sizes, including 500500mm and 5001000mm, providing flexibility in display configurations.
various cabinet size of P4.81 led screen

6. Why TOP DANCE Is Your Reliable LED Screen Partner?

various cabinet size of P4.81 led screen
Excellence of TOP DANCE Factory
At TOP DANCE, we pride ourselves on delivering LED screens that epitomize quality, clarity, and longevity. Our P4.81 LED Screens are meticulously crafted in our state-of-the-art factory, ensuring each unit meets the highest industry standards.
Testing Area
Our expansive, state-of-the-art 1000 SQM testing area highlights our commitment to excellence. Each screen is rigorously tested for performance, reliability, and durability. Our deep expertise ensures the P4.81 LED Screens stand as a testament to quality and customer dedication.
Customizable Solutions
Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, we offer custom-sized panels, ensuring that the P4.81 LED screen perfectly fits into your specific event space or venue.
Without compromising on quality, we ensure that our P4.81 LED screen is priced competitively, offering businesses an optimal blend of quality and cost-efficiency.
Dedicated Support
Our commitment doesn’t end with a sale. TOP DANCE ensures that every customer has access to our dedicated support team, ready to assist with any queries or challenges.
Decade-long Expertise
With 11 years of mastery in LED display manufacturing, our experience speaks for itself.
Quality Commitment
Each of our products undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring you receive nothing but the best.
Cost-Effective Excellence
High-quality displays at prices that respect your budget.
Post-Purchase Support
Our relationship doesn’t end at the sale. With dedicated after-sales support, we’re always here for you.
Experience the TOP DANCE difference. Elevate your displays with the P4.81 LED screen.