Unleash the Power of P3.91 LED Screen:
Elevate Your Visual Experience

The TP-P3.91 LED screen wall is a technological marvel that combines the best of indoor and outdoor decorative lighting. Designed to create mesmerizing visuals, this LED screen produces light, shade, and dynamic colors, transforming any space into a dreamy, dazzling, and colorful backdrop. But why should you choose the TOP DANCE TP-P3.91 LED screen? Let’s explore its advantages in detail.

TOP DANCE P3.91 LED Screen

TP500K Series Front Maintenance LED Display

TP-881 500F Series

Module:250*250 mm
Cabinet:500*500 mm
TP1000S Series Indoor Led Wall Displays

TP-885 1000B Series

Module:250*250 mm
Cabinet:1000*500 mm
TP960A Series Outdoor LED Panel Display

TP-888 960R Series

Module:250*250 mm

1. What is P3.91 LED screen?

The P3.91 LED screen, also known as a P3.91 LED display, is a type of LED video display technology. It’s characterized by its specific pixel pitch, which is 3.91 millimeters. Pixel pitch refers to the distance between the individual LED pixels on the display, and in the case of a P3.91 LED screen, this distance is 3.91mm.

1.1 What is the difference between P3.91 and P4.81 LED screens?

The primary difference between P3.91 and P4.81 LED screens is their pixel pitch, which impacts resolution and image quality. P3.91 screens offer higher resolution and better image clarity, making them suitable for scenarios requiring fine details, while P4.81 screens are versatile and can serve well in various indoor and outdoor applications without the need for extreme close-up viewing. The choice between them depends on the specific requirements of the intended use case.

2. What size is P3.91 LED screen panel?

The P3.91 LED screen is available in two commonly used panel sizes: 1000x500mm and 500x500mm. These panel dimensions have been chosen for their versatility and ability to meet the specific requirements of diverse venues and applications. Opting for either of these panel sizes represents a strategic and cost-efficient choice that aligns precisely with the unique needs of different venues.

To provide more context, these panels are designed to seamlessly integrate the standard 250x250mm module size. This precise module size ensures that the LED screen can be easily configured to fit various screen dimensions and layouts. This level of adaptability is invaluable when creating visually stunning displays in environments as varied as event spaces, retail settings, corporate presentations, and more.

3. What features should P3.91 LED screen have?

front maintain and rear maintenance

High Resolution
P3.91 indicates a pixel pitch of 3.91mm, which results in a relatively high pixel density. This high resolution ensures sharp and detailed visuals, making it suitable for displaying fine text, graphics, and video content.

A good P3.91 LED screen should offer adjustable brightness levels to accommodate different lighting conditions, both indoors and outdoors. Higher brightness is crucial for outdoor visibility, while the ability to lower brightness is important for indoor use.
Color Uniformity
Consistent color and brightness across the entire screen are essential for a uniform and visually appealing display. Color calibration ensures that all LEDs on the screen produce accurate and consistent colors.
Wide Viewing Angle
The LED screen should provide a wide viewing angle, both horizontally and vertically, to ensure that the content remains clear and vibrant from various vantage points.
Optimized Refresh Rate
With rates up to 3840Hz, our screens guarantee flicker-free, seamless video performance, ideal for dynamic content display.
Modular Design
P3.91 LED screens typically consist of modular panels that allow for easy assembly and maintenance. A modular design ensures that individual panels can be replaced or repaired without affecting the entire screen.
Front and Rear Maintenance
The LED screen should offer convenient front and rear maintenance access, making it easier to address any issues or perform routine maintenance tasks.
Versatile Input Compatibility
P3.91 LED screen seamlessly integrates with a range of devices, from computers to media players, ensuring diverse content delivery.
Versatile Installation
The screen should support various installation methods, including wall mounting, bracket installation, and truss hanging. This versatility ensures adaptability to different environments.
Support for Multiple Input Sources
A P3.91 LED screen should be compatible with various input sources, such as computers, media players, and video sources, to accommodate different content types.
A robust build with materials like die-casting aluminum and conformal coating for outdoor use ensures durability and resistance to environmental factors like moisture and corrosion.

4. What Are the Advantages of Using the P3.91 LED Screen?

application field of P3.91 led screen
Using the P3.91 LED screen to enhance your visual content, it’s a cost-effective and reliable solution that contributes to your success in engaging our audience and achieving our marketing objectives.

Impressive Visual Impact: The P3.91 LED screen ensures that your content is displayed with exceptional clarity and brilliance. This translates to a stunning visual impact, captivating your audience and leaving a lasting impression.

Enhanced Brand Visibility: With vibrant colors and sharp image quality, your brand and promotional content shine. The P3.91 screen helps us stand out in crowded advertising spaces, increasing brand visibility and recognition.
Engaging Events: Whether it’s a corporate event, product launch, or trade show, the P3.91 screen elevates your presentations and creates engaging environments that resonate with our audience. It adds professionalism and excitement to our events.
Flexible Applications: The versatility of the P3.91 LED screen. It’s equally effective for indoor and outdoor use, allowing to adapt to different settings and reach target audience effectively.

4.1 What Are the Applications of P3.91 LED Screens?

A P3.91 LED screen is a versatile display technology with a relatively small pixel pitch of around 3.91mm. This pixel pitch makes it suitable for a wide range of applications where high-resolution and visually stunning displays are required. Here are some common uses for P3.91 LED screens:
Indoor Events: P3.91 LED screens are frequently used for indoor events such as conferences, conventions, trade shows, and product launches. Their high resolution ensures that text, graphics, and videos are displayed with excellent clarity, making them ideal for presentations and exhibitions.
Concerts and Live Performances: The vibrant colors and sharp image quality of P3.91 LED screens make them popular choices for concerts, music festivals, and live performances. They enhance the visual experience for the audience and can display dynamic stage visuals.
Corporate Presentations: P3.91 LED screens are commonly found in corporate boardrooms, meeting spaces, and auditoriums. They are used to deliver impactful presentations, display data, and facilitate video conferencing with clear visuals.
Retail Displays: Retail stores and shopping malls use P3.91 LED screens for advertising, promotions, and enhancing the shopping experience. These screens can showcase product information, advertisements, and even interactive content.
Indoor Advertising: P3.91 LED screens are suitable for indoor advertising in airports, train stations, hotels, and commercial centers. They can display dynamic advertisements, branding messages, and information for travelers and visitors.
Exhibitions and Museums: P3.91 LED screens are valuable in exhibitions and museums to showcase artwork, historical artifacts, and interactive exhibits. They provide a visually engaging way to convey information and captivate visitors.
Broadcast Studios: Television studios and newsrooms use P3.91 LED screens as video walls for broadcasting. They can display high-definition graphics, live feeds, and video content for news presentations and entertainment programs.

5. TOP DANCE P3.91 LED screen Panel

Lighter and Thinner Cabinet
Streamlined Design: With a less weight of just 14kg/㎡, our LED screen boasts a lightweight design that surpasses that of other suppliers. This slim profile makes it easy to handle and install, even in tight spaces.
Module Size
The module size of 250x250mm for the P3.91 LED screen offers a combination of seamless splicing, visual continuity, high resolution, design flexibility, space efficiency, and ease of maintenance. These characteristics make it an excellent choice for creating impactful and visually impressive displays in a wide range of settings and applications.
Great Display Effect
Exceptional Visual Quality: The P3.91 LED screen offers a stunning visual experience with its high refresh rate, high gray scale, and optional brightness settings. This results in smoother, clearer, and more vibrant pictures, ensuring that your content comes to life in stunning detail.
Efficient and Flexible Installation Method
Versatile Placement: The P3.91 LED screen supports various installation methods, making it adaptable to a wide range of settings. Whether you’re in the rental business, indoors, or outdoors, this screen fits seamlessly into scenarios such as shopping malls, exhibitions, airport or subway advertising walls, live shows, stadiums, broadcasting studios, museums, hotels, outdoor billboards, rooftop displays, and more.
Rigorous Quality Tests
Uncompromising Quality: We take product quality seriously. Our rigorous quality tests include checks on lamp beads, connection stability, and visual effects, all held to the highest industry standards. This ensures that you receive a top-notch product.
Indoor and Outdoor Use
The TP-P3.91 LED screen is versatile, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. To ensure durability, it’s coated with a conformal coating that provides enhanced protection against external moisture and corrosion.
Excellent Stability
Reliable Performance: With a robust power capacity, our LED screen ensures a stable connection and consistent signal delivery. This reliability is essential for maintaining the integrity of your visuals during events.
Easier Installation
Time and Labor Savings: The vertical locking system simplifies installation, allowing a single person to set up with ease, ensuring pixel protection and ultimate security. No more need for complicated setups or hiring extra hands.
Stunning Display Clarity
The P3.91 LED screen, our premier and budget-friendly model, offers unparalleled uniformity and precision. Its high-resolution output promises an immersive and vivid visual journey for viewers.
Optimal Refresh Performance
Boasting refresh rates as high as 3840HZ, along with meticulous shadow handling and a notable contrast level, our LED screen delivers a flawless and strain-free visual experience.
Fast Installation
Effortless Setup: Say goodbye to time-consuming installations. The TP-P3.91 LED screen features a magnetic connection system, enabling one-second installation. This not only saves you time but also reduces labor costs, making it an efficient choice for your projects.
Multiple Presenting Modes
Dynamic Visual Effects: Choose from four picture presentation options, including full-screen display, single-screen display, image roaming, and anisotropic splicing. These modes allow you to create captivating and dynamic visuals for your audience.
Suitable for Both Outdoors & Indoors
Adaptable to Any Environment: The TP-P3.91 LED screen seamlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor settings, delivering remarkable grayscale performance in both high and low light conditions.
Rear Maintenance
Efficient Maintenance: Rear maintenance minimizes the risk of lamp damage by reducing the need for module disassembly during repairs.
Higher Pixel Density
Vivid Visuals: With a higher pixel density, our TP-P3.91 LED screen offers vivid effects, crisp images, and competitive prices.
High-quality Components
Reliable LED: We use high-quality LEDs with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, ensuring a stable and dependable LED screen display. It’s a wise choice for long-term use.
Various Installation Modes
Versatile Placement: Choose from wall installation, cabinet installation, bracket installation, and truss hanging setups. These options are suitable for rental businesses, shopping malls, exhibitions, airports, subways, live shows, stadiums, broadcasting studios, museums, hotels, outdoor billboards, rooftop screens, and more.
Control Method
Convenient Control: Our LED screen supports computer control, offering a convenient way to switch effects and display videos quickly. You can switch and play content in seconds. The P3.91 LED Screen supports both synchronous and asynchronous control, enhancing convenience and expanding its applicability to a wider range of usage scenarios.
A better packaging method that enhances protection and mobility. Flight cases are waterproof, shockproof, and moisture-resistant, ensuring the safety of your LED screen during transportation.

5.1 How to Control P3.91 LED Screen?

Synchronous Control System
In a Synchronous Control System, the content displayed on the LED screen that of the control computer in real-time. This method offers the benefit of low-latency content updates, allowing for almost any input source to be displayed instantly. Immediate content display, suitable for live events or real-time data visualization. Well-suited for various applications, including creative LED installations and rental setups for both indoor and outdoor events.
Asynchronous Control System
In contrast, the Asynchronous Control System requires content to be pre-edited and then uploaded to receiving cards in the LED screen. This system is ideal for displaying repetitive or looped content such as advertisements, slogans, and notices. It has the Ability to pre-load and schedule content for automatic playback and Ideal for shorter, repetitive content where a synchronous system would be overkill.

5.2 How to Install theP3.91 LED Screen?

Site Assessment: Evaluate the installation site for space and electrical requirements.
Equipment and Tools: Prepare all necessary installation tools, hardware, and safety gear.
Electrical Setup
Power Planning: Determine the power requirements and ensure a stable power source is available.
Structural Mounting
Bracket Installation: Fix the mounting brackets securely to the installation surface.
Cabinet and Module Setup: Attach the LED cabinets and modules to the brackets, ensuring they are secure and level.
Cabling: Route all necessary cables, keeping them organized and secure.
System Configuration and Testing
Connect to Control System: Hook up the LED screen to the control unit and your computer.
Software Setup: Install and configure the control software.
Calibration and Testing: Calibrate the screen for optimal display and run a series of tests to confirm everything is functioning as expected.

6. Why TOP DANCE Is Your Reliable LED Screen Partner?

Proven Expertise
With over 11 years of experience as a professional LED display manufacturer, TOP DANCE has demonstrated its expertise and reliability in the industry. Our 20 production lines ensure efficient and top-quality manufacturing.
Professional Testing Area
Stringent Testing: Our testing area spans over 1000 square meters and can simultaneously test 1500 panels. Each panel undergoes three installation tests, including lamp bead checks, connection stability, and effects verification, with over 72 hours of testing for each panel.
Cost-Effective Solutions
TOP DANCE provides high-quality LED screens at competitive prices, offering cost-effective solutions for businesses and organizations looking to invest in visual displays.
Application Fields
Versatile Applications: Our products have been trusted and utilized by renowned enterprises such as Google, Twitter, and major MV companies. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including rental businesses, shopping malls, exhibitions, airport or subway advertising walls, live shows, stadiums, broadcasting studios, museums, hotels, outdoor billboards, rooftop screens, and more.
Contact Us: If you’re interested in our products, our 24-hour online communication service is ready to assist you. Our sales department is always available to answer your questions. Simply click “Contact us” or “Get a quote,” and our specialists will get in touch with you promptly.
Warehouse in the USA
Efficient Logistics: We have warehouses in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, ensuring swift product deliveries. Customers can visit the warehouse, inspect samples on-site, and enjoy hassle-free procurement without the need for international paperwork, sea freight, or taxes.
After-sales Service
Ongoing Support: Our dedicated after-sales team is available to address any questions or concerns you may have. We are committed to providing prompt and satisfactory solutions.

Peace of Mind: We offer a 3-year warranty on all our products to protect your rights and provide excellent after-sales service.

Qualification Certificate
Compliance and Safety: Our products meet CE and ROHS standards, certifying their safety for international use.
Experience the TOP DANCE difference today and elevate your visual experience with the P3.91 LED screen. Contact us to discover how our innovative technology can enhance your projects and events.