After-sales Service

We provide more attentive after-sales service, as our dedicated after-sales team undergoes regular product and technical training to acquire professional knowledge. This enables us to offer you better after-sales support.

Technical Support

We have dedicated technical personnel available to provide you with answers. Whether it’s through diagrams, online remote assistance etc. We strive to ensure that your questions are addressed promptly and effectively.
If you prefer to pick up the goods from our overseas warehouse, please feel free to contact us for further arrangements.

2-Year Warranty

This extended warranty is designed to provide better protection for our customers, ensuring that any product-related issues that may arise in the future are well taken care of.

24-Hour Online Support

To ensure that we can meet your needs and address any issues you may have at any time, our after-sales team provides 24-hour online support. No matter when you encounter any problems, we are available to assist you and provide solutions.