Outdoor LED Displays

TOP DANCE offers a wide range of outdoor LED display for selection. With various pixel densities and robust protective features, our LED displays are highly durable, convenient and creative, catering to needs of various outdoor venues.

Outdoor LED Display Products

TP1000A Series Outdoor Full Color LED Display

TP-887 1000B Series
LED Display

Rear Maintenance
High Refresh Rate
TP960A Series Outdoor LED Panel Display

TP-888 960R Series
LED Display

Pixel from P2.5mm to P10mm
Rear Maintenance
TP960B Series Outdoor LED Panel Display

TP-889 960P Series
LED Display

Rear Maintenance
Aluminum Profiles Cabinet

Advantages of LED Display

High-quality Image

Ultra-high-definition visual presentation, a wide range of pixel options to meet outdoor usage requirements, high resolution for creating incredibly clear visuals.

Great Brightness

With enhanced outdoor brightness, our outdoor displays provide clear visibility in any weather condition, ensuring high visibility even in bright sunlight.

Better Visual Impact

With 14-16 bit grayscale, the display presents intricate details that captivate the audience. The suitable refresh rate ensures a smoother viewing experience.
Stunning visual impact of TP 960A outdoor led panel display
100000 life span

Trusted and Remarkably Long Lifespan

TOP DANCE’s outdoor LED displays are highly durable, boasting a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours that ensures durability, reducing maintenance costs and delivering high-quality performance for maximum cost-effectiveness.

Enhanced Protection Level

Our outdoor LED displays feature superior humidity protection, effectively protecting the entire screen from the impact of harsh weather conditions. They offer superior resistance against dust, rust, and corrosion.

protection design of TP 960A outdoor led panel display

Outdoor LED Display with Flexible Installation Mode

Enabling various installation methods, TOP DANCE’s outdoor LED displays provide a wide range of installation options, making the installation process simple and flexible.

hanging installation mode

Wall-mounted Mode

Wall-mounted installation method is space-saving and does not occupy floor space, allowing for other flooring design and layout options

bracket installation mode

Bracket Standing Mode

Bracket Standing installation method ensures easy compatibility with both rear and front service LED displays, it offers great stability and enhanced safety.
hanging installation mode

Hanging Mode

Hanging mode saves a significant amount of space by eliminating the need for any floor space, allowing for maximum space utilization, facilitating better visual capture.

Easier Maintenance Methods than Ever

TOP DANCE LED displays offer efficient rear maintenance options, providing you with the most suitable maintenance method according to your needs. This makes maintenance easier and helps save on your long-term maintenance costs.
Quick Rear Maintenance (2)

Where Can Outdoor LED Displays Be Used?

Outdoor LED displays can be used in various occasions, such as outdoor events like weddings, coming-of-age ceremonies, graduation parties, and celebrations. These displays can be used to present and play videos and images, creating a vibrant atmosphere and engaging the audience. They are also commonly used in concerts and music events to provide real-time visual presentations. Additionally, LED displays are often utilized as backdrop panels for exhibitions and commercial performances. Outdoor LED displays can also be used for advertising purposes, such as displaying advertisements on the exterior walls of shopping malls.

Choose TOP DANCE, Choose the Best LED Display Manufacturer

Superior Product Materials

In order to ensure the durability and lifespan of our LED displays, we use only the finest quality materials for each product. Before being stored in our warehouse, our quality inspection team conducts thorough checks and evaluations on the raw materials. Only materials that meet our standards are allowed to enter the warehouse and await production.

Mature Craftsmanship and Technology

With 11 years LED display manufacturing experience, we also have a team of experienced technicians dedicated to creating user-friendly LED displays that deliver excellent visual effects and are easy to install and maintain. We meticulously control the production process for each product, ensuring precision in every step. With a total of 20 production lines, we guarantee the meticulous work of every production worker to ensure the delivery of high-quality products from our factory.

Cost-effective Outdoor LED Display Price

As a professional LED display manufacturer, TOP DANCE offers advanced production techniques and high-quality products at affordable prices. We prioritize quality in our factory production, ensuring that your purchase is both professional and cost-effective.

24/7 Service

TOP DANCE has a dedicated sales team and service team to provide you with professional technical knowledge of LED displays. We offer comprehensive and detailed LED display solutions. Whether you encounter issues during installation or require further knowledge for maintenance, we are here to provide answers and timely support to meet your needs.

FAQs of Outdoor LED Display

Do Outdoor LED displays require a cooling system?

Yes, the cooling system is designed to dissipate heat and maintain the operating temperature within a safe range. LED displays typically require a cooling system to ensure their normal operation, optimal display performance, and longer lifespan.

What is the lifespan of an outdoor LED display?

The lifespan of an LED display is determined by various factors, such as the quality of its components, usage conditions, proper usage and maintenance, and environmental factors. TOP DANCE outdoor LED displays have a lifespan of 100,000 hours, which exceeds that of many other LED display manufacturers. We are committed to providing our customers with more stable and reliable LED display products.

Can LED displays be used for 24/7 operation?

Yes, LED displays can be used continuously for more than 24 hours. However, it is important to ensure proper heat dissipation and ventilation for the product to maintain its quality and performance.

Can LED displays be used in areas with high ambient light?

Yes, outdoor LED displays can be used in environments with strong light, which is one of the fundamental features of outdoor LED displays. With their superior brightness and contrast ratios, TOP DANCE LED displays ensure excellent visibility even in bright light conditions. They are designed to deliver optimal image quality and visibility, even in high ambient light, providing clear and high-quality visuals.