Professional LED Display Manufacturer

TOP DANCE, founded in 2013, is a leading manufacturer of LED displays, specializing in the production, sales, and service of high-quality LED display products.

With a factory area of 10,000 square meters, TOP DANCE operates 20 production lines dedicated to LED display manufacturing. We utilize mature production techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and stringent quality control measures to create top-notch products. Our dedicated testing area of 1,000 square meters conducts thorough inspections on raw materials, modules, and cabinets, ensuring that each LED display panel meets the highest quality standards and holds world-class certifications.

Having established a broad global market presence, TOP DANCE has sold over 100,000 LED display panels to more than 90 countries worldwide. Our LED displays are widely used in various indoor and outdoor applications, including event settings, exhibition halls, shopping malls, concerts, sports venues, and broadcasting studios etc.

TOP DANCE has always remained committed to continuous innovation and the pursuit of top-notch quality. Our goal is to create innovative and superior products that exceed customer expectations.

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Why Choose TOP DANCE LED Display?

Overseas Warehouses

TOP DANCE has warehouses in Los Angeles, USA, and Belgium, Europe, allowing customers to directly pick up their orders from the warehouses, making purchasing more convenient and cost-effective.

2 Years Warranty

A 2-year warranty period, an extended warranty duration, providing you with a more reassuring purchasing experience.

Customer Centered Service

We are dedicated to focusing on our customers’ usage experience, providing the most meticulous service. Available 24/7, offering professional service and support.

Reliable Product Quality

With professional production processes, top-grade materials, and a meticulous and mature quality inspection system, we provide reliable and high-quality LED displays.

Technology Expertise

With in-depth knowledge of LED display, we have a professional technical team who strive to create superior products and offer professional technical solutions and expert technical support.

Variety of LED displays

We provide customers with a diverse selection of LED display types, ensuring cost-effective products that are both affordable and accessible at factory prices.

Why We Are Able to Offer the Best LED Displays?

Advanced Equipment

Technical Expertise

With a dedicated technical team, we prioritize the product quality of LED displays and strive to create superior LED display products.
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Quality Materials:

We carefully select the finest materials for the production of our LED displays, ensuring durability, excellent performance, and long lifespan.
Advanced Equipment

Advanced Equipment

TOP DANCE is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and holds a steadfast commitment to professionalism, making precise data our guiding principle, to manufacture LED display products of unparalleled craftsmanship and quality.
Production Line

Mature Production Line

With a mature production line and meticulous manufacturing processes, we guarantee that each LED display panel meets high-quality standards and certification levels in terms of both quality and craftsmanship.
Testing Area (3)

Professional Testing

With a testing area of 1000 square meters, we have the capacity to conduct simultaneous testing on a large number of LED displays. Our dedicated quality inspectors perform thorough checks, record data, and ensure the quality of each LED display is guaranteed.
Testing Area (3)

Rigorous Quality Control

With stringent quality inspection procedures and dedicated quality inspectors, we ensure high-quality LED displays through every step, from material testing to each stage of production, all the way to monitoring in the testing area.

TOP Team

At TOP DANCE, we have a more professional technical team, quality team and sales team. To create more durable and quality products and customer satisfaction service and buying experience.

The technical team consists of experts in LED display technology, ensuring top-notch quality and driving product upgrades and innovation.

The quality inspection team ensures that each production process adheres to strict standards, guaranteeing product quality.

Furthermore, our sales and after-sales teams provide round-the-clock service with prompt and courteous assistance. With regular training and a deep understanding of product details, they are capable of providing professional technical support, customized solutions, and after-sales technical assistance to our customers.

Client Testimonials


Very high-quality LED display products, easy to manipulate under the guidance of customer service.


A trustworthy partner, good products, looking forward to the next cooperation.


Incredible quality, brightness, resolution, refresh rate, everything is so perfect.