Commercial LED Display

Enjoy High Brightness and High Contrast
Sustain Operation for 100000 of Hours
Vivid Display Effect That Captures Attention
High-Definition, Outstanding Visual Effects
Top Dance offers a diverse range of commercial LED display solutions suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. These displays find versatile use as stage backdrops, in exhibitions, commercial advertising, information displays, decoration, beautification, and product promotion. Among the best-selling models of TOP DANCE Commercial LED Displays are TP960B, TP500K, TP480S, and TP1000A.

Hot-Selling Commercial Led Displays

TP500K Series LED Display

TP500K Series Commercial LED Display

500*500mm/1000mm Cabinet
GOB LED Display Module
Front Maintenance
TP480S Series LED Display

TP480S Series Commercial LED Display

640mm*480mm Cabinet
Pixel from P1.25mm to P2.5mm
Front Maintenance
TP960B Series LED Display

TP960B Series Commercial LED Display

960*960mm Cabinet
Pixel from P2.5mm to P10mm
Rear Maintenance
TP1000K Series LED Display (1)

TP1000A Series Commercial LED Display

500mm*1000mm Cabinet
High Refresh Rate With Flight Case
Rear Maintenance

Features of Commercial Led Display

Enhanced Visual Experience

High resolution merges with crystal clear image quality, your visual experience will be elevated to a new level. This enhanced visual experience is ideal for commercial use. Upgrade your visual experience today with TOP DANCE commercial led display.

High Definition to Restore Picture Quality

Specially designed to provide high-quality pictures with high definition to restore every detail, every picture will present in a vivid way, leaving you a long -lasting impression. Immerse yourself in a world presented by commercial led display, it will definitely leave you a truly remarkable visual experience.

Excellent Contrast Ratio

A high contrast ratio can create a pleasant and crystal clear viewing experience. With unrivaled clarity and brilliant colors, an excellent contrast ratio is well-suited for commercial use. Excellent contrast ratio ensures that every detail is presented with greatest precision.
brightness of TP 1000A outdoor full color led display

Intense Brightness

With its incredible brightness and wonderful performance, commercial led display will certainly leave an impression on you, ensuring great visibility even in bright sunlight or well-lit indoor situations. TOP DANCE commercial full color led display is not only visually appealing, but it is also built to last.

Viewing Distance

Ensuring an ultra-wide viewing angle and longer visibility distance up to 160°, ensuring better appreciation even from a distance, and ensuring superior information promotion and content presentation.
viewing angle

Multi Pixel Pitch Selection

Multiple display cabinet styles available, offering module options with various pixel pitches to provide you with the best commercial display screen tailored to your needs and project requirements.
Various Pixel Pitch Available

Handy Installation, Optional Modes

TOP DANCE commercial led display offers handy installations and optional modes. With safety interlocks, modular led display panels can closely connect to each other, ensuring safe operation and making the installation easier and simpler. Also, TOP DANCE comes with various installation modes for your options, which is flexible and adaptable.
hanging installation mode

Wall-mounted Installation Mode

Wall-mounted installation mode is quite convenient for maintenance and easy to install, saving floor space and making the installation more flexible. Making it excellent for indoor areas such as retail stores, lobbies, showrooms, exhibition etc. Offering a firm and stable installation, it lower the possibility of damage or displacement.
bracket installation mode

Bracket Installation Mode

The bracket mount allows a secure attachment and reliable installation. This mode is appropriate for temporary setups because it can be readily removed. Faster installation is possible with bracket installation mode, making it ideal for transient commercial events like product launches and performances.
curved installation mode

Curved Installation Mode

For commercial and creative exhibits, curved installation mode produces a visually appealing and immersive viewing experience, which fills the viewer’s peripheral vision and promotes more engagement. Curved LED displays are ideal for holding viewers’ attention in events, museums, and retail settings.
hanging installation mode

Truss Hanging Set-Up Installation Mode

To save the overall space, truss hanging set-up installation mode is needed. This installation mode requires less on space, utilizing the space in a perfect way, practical and flexible. Large-scale events, concerts, and stages are perfect for it since it offers a high vantage point for maximum exposure.

corner installation mode


The commercial led display can realize 90 ° splicing way, to achieve more creative splicing, to present a richer visual level and texture, display more creative image or video presentation, let the visual performance being more colorful with this innovative splicing method.

Rear or Front Maintenance Methods

Commercial led display supports two maintenance methods: rear maintenance and front maintenance. When commercial led display screen is placed on a wall or a facade, front service led display can be easily accessed to the internal part through the frontal access system.

The rear maintenance design allows for access from the back , which is suitable for led display outdoor environments or indoor application, making it efficient for maintenance.

Front and rear maintenance of TP500K front maintenance led display (1)

Applied Range of Commercial Led Display

Commercial led display can be used for various such as trade show led displays, led billboard display and stage led display and so on. It can be installed on the facades of building, highways hotel, train station airports to present advertising information. Commercial led display can be of great help to enhance brand recognition and to facilitate product promotion. Through visual communication of strong rendering power, unexpected commercial effects can be achieved. It can also be used in some commercial exhibitions, stage concert performances to present a better Visual effect.

Ensure Longevity for Long-term Use

LED with a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, providing superior assurance for your purchase, enhanced durability, reducing later maintenance stress, and lowering maintenance costs.

100000 life span

Why You Should Choose TOP DANCE Commercial Led Display?

With over a Decade of Experience

With over a decade of factory professional led display production experience, TOP DANCE is experienced in manufacturing commercial led displays, dedicated to leading the fashion in led display industry and bringing the best out of the products. You can buy our products without concerns, we have gained a good reputation for our excellent product quality. As one of the top led display manufacturers, we will continue to offer the top products and the best service to you.

Superior Quality For You

In order to ensure the quality, all the products were under strict inspection before the shipment. With a testing area of 1000 square meters, TOP DANCE goods are of a high level. TOP DANCE will be your best option because it has a sizable, comprehensive, and expert production system.

Complete Logistics Service

With the rapid development of TOP DANCE, our logistics system is rather complete to provide faster delivery service. Overseas warehouses were set up in Los Angles and in Belgium to facilitate a more convenient experience. Your shipping costs and complicated paper works and procedures can be reduced greatly.

After-Sales Service & a Full 2-Year Warranty

TOP DANCE always prioritize customers, 24/7 after-sales service is provided to respond to your needs. If you need to consult the detailed information of our products, you are always welcomed to contact us and our customer service team would like to assist you further. Additionally, our products have a full 2-Year warranty. It is reliable to buy and use.


1. What’s the Difference Between Commercial LED Display and LED Display?
An LED display and a commercial LED display differ primarily in their features and intended uses. Commercial LED displays are made for business uses like branding, advertising, and information display. In comparison to standard LED displays, they frequently offer more brightness, better durability, and cutting-edge functionality.
2. What Can a Commercial LED Display Bring to You?
A commercial LED display can help your company in a variety of ways. It serves as an eye-catching advertising medium, promotes products or services, raises brand awareness, engages customers, shows real-time information, and delivers an immersive experience in event or retail settings.
3. How to Choose a Commercial LED Display?
When choosing a commercial LED display, take into account the intended application, size, resolution, brightness, viewing distance, installation site, budget, and the reputation of the manufacturer or provider. Customization choices and after-sales assistance are other important factors to consider.
4. What’ the Advantage of a Commercial LED Display ?
High brightness for visibility in bright situations, energy efficiency, extended lifespan, flexibility in content display, real-time content updates, and the ability to draw attention and engage audiences successfully are all advantages of a commercial LED display. Commercial LED displays also help businesses project a modern and professional image.