Transparent LED Film (7)

Transparent LED Film

  • Easy and Convenient Installation
  • Amazing Brightness and Colors
  • Ultra-thin and Lightweight
  • Rollable and Cuttable Structure

Advanced and Trendy Design

Ultra-Lightweight and Thin Design

It is significantly lighter than conventional LED transparent screens, with a weight of only 0.5kg/m2, compared to the 15kg*/m2 of a regular transparent screen. Additionally, it boasts an extremely thin profile, measuring just 0.5mm. Its lighter and thinner dimensions facilitate simpler, time-saving transportation, space conservation, easier handling, and more convenient installation.
light weight design of transparent led film

Flexible Structure Design

The LED transparent film screen has excellent flexibility, making it suitable for curved walls or glass curtain walls. It can be bent and cut to achieve the desired size and shape without compromising the display presenting.
flexible installation of transparent led film

Various Pixel Pitch for Selection

Provides a variety of pixel pitches to choose from, allowing you to select the most suitable pixel based on your desired video resolution. This planning provides you with a higher-definition image to ensure clarity and visibility.
various pixel pitch available

High-quality LEDs

By using higher-quality LED light sources, these displays are designed to be more durable and have an extended lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, which significantly reduces maintenance costs.
flexible installation of transparent led film

Low Energy Consumption

Transparent screens are a more energy-efficient choice, saving up to 80% of electricity compared to conventional LED displays, making them an environmentally friendly and energy-saving option.
power consumption of transparent led film

Stunning Visual Appealing

Fresh and Vibrant Visual Effects

With enhanced light transmittance, allowing normal daylight while seamlessly integrating with the surroundings for a more natural and immersive visual appeal. High-quality LEDs deliver increased brightness and a rich, vibrant color palette, achieving an ultimate visual experience.
brightness of transparent led film

Wide Viewing Angle

With an even wider viewing angle, the horizontal viewing angle reaches 140° and the vertical reaches 120°. This broader viewing angle enhances the viewing experience, enables better information delivery, and captures viewers’ attention more effectively. It reduces the risk of screen distortion, ensuring a superior viewing experience.
wide viewing angle of transparent led film

High Refresh Rate

With a refresh rate exceeding 7680Hz, it supports smooth visuals, achieving faster and more responsive screen transitions, providing a better viewing experience, and accurately rendering details and color changes. This makes on-screen images smoother, presenting a more natural dynamic effect.
power consumption of transparent led film

Amazing Brightness

With increased brightness of more than 5000cd/m2, it provides excellent visibility both indoors and outdoors, enhancing the vividness of colors and lines in the image. Whether it’s daytime or nighttime, in bright sunlight or overcast conditions, the image remains clear and visible.
amazing visual impact of transparent led film


Item Parameter
Model Number P4-8 P6 P8
Module size 240mm*1200mm
Pixel pitch 4mm 8 6mm 8mm
Pixels Density 31250dots/m2 27777dots/m2 15625dots/m2
Minimum comfortable viewing distance 6m 8m
Pixel configuration 1R1G1B
Package mode SMD1313
Pixel resolution 30dots(W)*150dots(H) 40dots(W)*200dots(H) 30dots(W)*150dots(H)
Box size 480*1200mm
Brightness >5000cd/m2
Module Max Power 200W 160W
Max Power 800W/m2 700W/m2
Average Power 240W/m2 210W/m2
Refresh frequency ≥7680Hz
Viewing Angle 140°(W),120°(H)
Module thickness 1.5 mm
Weight 0.5kg 0.5kg 1 kg
Permeability 75%
Scan mode 1can
Matching system card Colorlight、Novastar
MTBF >9000hours
Storage temperature -20℃~+80℃
Working temperature -20℃~+50℃
Relative humidity 10%-75%RH

Super Easy Installation Method

Also known as adhesive transparent led display, it going beyond Traditional LED Screens, this LED display screen offers a simpler installation structure. There’s no need to build a steel frame, hang, or embed it. After peeling off the film, this product can be gently applied to a specific location and connected to the power source and signal without the need for adhesive with glue.

Application Field of Transparent LED Film

Transparent display screens have a much broader range of applications and are often used in various settings, including large buildings such as city landmarks and skyscrapers, glass facades of large shopping malls. Transparent led display film are also used for decoration in transportation hubs like airports, train, and subway stations.

Additionally, transparent screens find use in various illumination projects, such as along riverbanks, and can be employed for indoor decoration in places like scenic elevators and mall railings. They serve creative display purposes for events in the cultural and tourism industry, adding artistic flair to stages and presentations.

application field of transparent led film


What is the warranty of the transparent LED film?
The warranty period of transparent led film is 2 years. To ensure a better user experience and provide our customers with peace of mind during their purchase, we offer with the support of our professional after-sales team for technical assistance for this transparent led film display product.
Can transparent LED film be used in curved or irregularly shaped installations?
Yes, it is possible because this transparent display film can be bent, allowing for flexible installation in various shapes.
What are the differences between this transparent LED film screen and traditional transparent screens?
The transparent LED film screen can be directly adhered to glass or other transparent surfaces, while traditional LED transparent screens typically require a more complex installation and support structure. The transparent LED film screen is more lightweight, can be bent and cut as needed, which is not possible with traditional screens, and it is also thinner with higher transparency.
Why choose TOP DANCE for purchasing?
As a professional LED display screen manufacturer, we offer specialized solutions for LED transparent film screens. We provide competitive transparent led film price and offer professional pre-sales and after-sales services. Feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with the best quote within 24 hours.