From May 23rd to 26th, the Prolight+Sound Guangzhou Show 2024, also referred to as PLSG, was held in Guangzhou. This event served as a vital platform for unveiling pioneering product innovations and fostering significant industry collaborations.

During the show, TOP Dance showcased its cutting-edge LED dance floors and display products, which garnered enormous attention from visitors. Its booth stood out among other exhibitors, leaving a lasting impression and creating a remarkable presence at the event.

Unveiling Advanced LED Products

TOP DANCE exhibition showcased an impressive array of cutting-edge LED products, with a focus on the highly acclaimed P1.95 LED Display. This extraordinary display not only offers flexible installation options, convenient front maintenance but also boasts remarkable refresh rates, delivering stunningly clear visuals that effortlessly grab attention in any setting.

Another highlight was the LED Poster Display, a portable and visually striking solution perfect for diverse environments.

The Sphere LED Display garnered praise as well for its remarkable adaptability.

And let’s not forget about the Interactive LED Screen Floor, which stole the show with its high-definition interactive visuals, creating an immersive experience that truly captivated audiences in dynamic environments.

TOP DANCE also showcased the innovative Magnetic LED Dance Floor at the Prolight+Sound Guangzhou Show, showcasing its ease of installation and customizable capabilities that adapt dynamically to various event atmospheres.

Success at the Show

During the TOP DANCE show, the LED displays truly captured the spotlight, captivating attendees and sparking their interest and our booth is a favorite crowd. Remarkably, around 30% of those who expressed interest proceeded to make deposits, signaling their clear intent to purchase our advanced and user-friendly LED displays for their versatile application and amazing functions.

Among the attendees was a client from the United States who specializes in event rentals. Our sales team provided him with a detailed presentation on the features of our products and the benefits they offer in his specific scenarios. He was instantly captivated by our LED dance floor technology, which he found to be unprecedented.

What particularly drew his attention was the front maintenance function and the GOB module tech — panels are of great protective features and the easy maintenance method. This feature would allow him to reduce maintenance fees significantly and can withstand for long time use. Also, the high-definition visual clarity almost fits all his event organization projects. Additionally, he placed an order for a set of LED poster displays for advertising usage for better promote his business.

Summing Up

TOP DANCE remains at the forefront of advancements in LED technology. We warmly invite those seeking to elevate their event setups to explore our website, visit our factory, or contact us directly to gain a comprehensive understanding of LED display products and free solutions.
To delve into further particulars or explore potential partnerships, kindly reach out to us. The recent event has firmly reinforced TOP DANCE’s position as a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge LED display solutions that surpass the escalating demands of the event technology industry.