1. Introduction

In the digital era, the demand for engaging public presentations has transformed how we access daily information. Enormous LED displays have become ubiquitous—whether strolling down a street, navigating a shopping mall, or driving on the road. It’s impossible to miss these prominent LED billboards, delivering real-time updates such as highway conditions, weather forecasts, airport departures, and dynamic LED video screens adorned with inspirational messages, aiming to raise public awareness. In this blog, we embark on an exploration of the dynamic realm of revolutionary LED display types, unveiling the hottest and most trending LED screen variants of 2023 worldwide.

2. Three Hottest LED display types of 2023

2.1 Hottest LED display types – Rental LED Display: Diverse and Versatility

Speaking of digital LED display, what is the first thing comes up in our mind? Another question, did you still hold the stereotype about that: arranging events, LED screen are on the NO.1 of the must-buy list! Well, something you should know, there’s a type of LED screen display called rental LED display.

Is not every type of LED screen could use in the outdoor scene? Absolutely not! Not every types of LED displays could meet the requirement of rental standard, some of the digital LED display screens are not able to resist the high temperature, heavy rain as well as the resistance of direct sunlight. The most important is the rental LED screen display have great demanding on the life span as well as the maintenance mode.

Special product only meets with special needs. In this chapter, you will solve the mystery of the LED display board rental.

What is the LED rental display?

  • LED screen rental indicated that renting larger LED display for personal use / temporary use within certain rental term.
  • Rental Displays are designed for easy assembly, disassembly, and mobility. These displays provide vibrant visuals, high resolution, and various customization options, making them ideal for concerts, trade shows, corporate events, weddings, exhibitions, and more.

What is the advantage of LED display rentals?

    • Unlike permanent LED installations, LED display rentals are hassle-free to set up and dismantle. It’s like the Lego of the tech world, allowing you to assemble your vision effortlessly. And when the event is over, they seamlessly vanish until the next grand unveiling.
    • Rental LED displays boast eye-popping resolutions that make every pixel count, ensuring your visuals are sharp, clear, and captivating.

led display application

How much is the Rental LED display price?

  • The cost of HD Rental LED display varies based on several factors. These factors encompass the display size, resolution, duration of the rental, location, installation complexity, and additional features required. Generally, rental prices are quoted on a per-day or per-event basis. To get an accurate rental price, individuals or businesses need to consult LED display rental providers, who can offer detailed quotes tailored to their specific needs.

What you should aware of when you find the perfect one

  • Display Quality: Opt for displays that offer high resolution, brightness, and color accuracy to ensure stunning visuals that capture attention.
  • Ease of Installation and Portability: Choose displays that are easy to assemble, disassemble, and transport to various locations, facilitating a seamless setup process.
  • Customization Options: Look for displays that can be tailored to fit the specific requirements of the event or application, ensuring a unique and mind-blowing visual experience.
  • Reliable Support and Service: Select a reputable rental provider that offers excellent customer service, timely maintenance, and technical support throughout the rental period.

By considering these recommendations, you can make an informed choice and find the perfect LED rental display that aligns with your event or project needs.

Any recommend of the LED rental display?

  • If you are looking a good product with a beautiful price, what about TP500K Series/ TP1000K Series/ TP1000S Series from TOP dance? The up-coming Rental LED display already on TOP dance website. Would these advantages catch your attention? They include a high refresh rate, super user-friendly installation within just a few steps, and up to a 160° viewing angle. Audience can see the vast rental outdoor led display from different direction! Apart from this, there is one thing you should know, which is that the TP500K Series, TP1000K Series equipped with the front maintenance, which indicated that these two types of rental outdoor led display are easy install along with the easy maintenance. Please visit our official website to get more information about the products!
  • If you are looking for a rental LED display needs to be hung up in the open, why don’t you keep reading this chapter? the application of the GOB (Glue on Board) technique in the TP1000K Series has significantly enhanced the durability and resilience of the modules. The GOB technique involves encapsulating the display module with a layer of glue providing robust protection against external elements such as moisture, dust, and impacts, that is to say the GOB technique provide an very strong shield to the modules, just like a dome, in which the dome will against harsh environmental factors contributes to the lengthy life span. However, the enhanced durability resulting from the GOB technique minimizes the frequency of replacements and repairs, reducing downtime and maintenance costs for users. Overall, the integration of the GOB technique underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality, long lasting products that meet the demands of diverse and challenging operating conditions.
  • If you are looking for a rental indoor led display product don’t miss TP1000S Series and TP500K Series. The TP1000S Series offers a versatile selection of pixel pitches to cater to different event or venue needs. Whether you require a fine pixel pitch for a high-resolution display or a broader pitch for more expansive viewing areas, the TP1000S Series provides options to suit your precise display specifications. As for the TP500K Series, it equipped the GOB technique, the integration of the GOB technique ensures robust protection, making it ideal for rental environments where the equipment might face varying handling conditions. Furthermore, the outstanding front maintenance design simplifies and expedites the maintenance process, minimizing disruption during events and optimizing overall operational efficiency.

When you opt for LED rental displays in TOP dance, you’re not just getting a piece of equipment. We offer 24/7 service, tracking delivery, setup guidance, technical support as well as dismantling. If you have any other inquiry, Please feel free to contact us.

2.2 Hottest LED display types – Naked Eye 3D LED Display: Elimination of 3D Glasses

Did you know that we can enjoy the 3D LED screen without those pesky glasses?
The Naked Eye 3D LED display is a new packing technology, thanks to it, we are living in a super-leading society than ever, and it’s generally stepping into a new dimension. No more barriers, just pure, immersive 3D action that’s set to redefine how people experience visual content.This new technology has been widely applied in the advertisement. Have you ever notice that before? When we standing in the intersection of the famous shopping center, the LED 3D display right above us.
3d led screen
March 26 is known globally among sneaker enthusiasts as Nike Air Max Day. This annual celebration, initiated in 2014, commemorates the iconic Air Max sneakers. On its 35th anniversary, Nike Japan took a grand approach by unveiling a remarkable 3-D billboard near Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station. The 3D billboard design adding an exciting dimension to the Air Max Day festivities. Nike had mentioned that 3D billboard screen always become the hit of the internet. SO, what is 3D LED Screen?
Nike 3D Billboard in Shinjuku, Tokyo

A Naked-Eye 3D LED display is an innovative holographic technology that allows the viewing of 3D images without the need for glasses or other accessories. It provides the viewer with the ability to perceive 3D imagery directly with the naked eye, eliminating the necessity of wearing any special eyewear devices. In today’s world, with diverse display requirements arising, 3D advertising billboards not only fulfill the need for variety but also offer a captivating method to showcase incredible and creative ideas through their unique and visually impressive propaganda.
Fortnite 3D Billboard Ads in Time Square, New York

How 3D outdoor LED display works? Well, at the heart of Naked-Eye 3D technology lies the parallax barrier, a transparent layer with precise, alternating transparent and opaque slits. This barrier is strategically placed in front of the display. The magic begins when people gaze at the screen.
3d led display
As many people are curious about is the 3D LED price. It’s important to note that the cost can vary significantly based on several factors. These factors include the size and dimensions of the billboard, the resolution and quality of the LED display, the complexity of the 3D technology used, the location of installation, the manufacturer or supplier, and any additional features or customization. However, if you are looking for some good quality products at low prices, some Chinese factories might be your best choice.

2.3 Hottest LED display types – Transparent LED film: Re-imagining the Reality

Speaking of the Transparent LED film, most people would related to the LG OLED Transparent TV.
What about Transparent LED film?
transparent led film
One of the most exciting advancements in LED display technology is the development of transparent LED film. This innovative product is redefining the way we perceive and interact with digital displays. Imagine a display that seamlessly integrates with the environment, allowing viewers to see the content while still maintaining a clear view of what’s behind it.

Transparent led video wall as you can observe from all kinds of shopping mall, it started another level of outdoor/ indoor LED display. The led transparent film screen could be used to:

  • Present dynamic effects as a decoration style in the shopping mall, such as running water, flowing waterfall, etc.
  • Present dynamic effects on the outdoor/ indoor advertisements with its super unique way. The dynamic effects applied with transparent LED film make advertisements more captivating and memorable, effectively conveying the intended message to the audience
  • Flexibility: Transparent LED Display are easy to fold or roll up flexibly, it will not damage the LED screen.
  • Creativity: You can design the Transparent LED films shapes, sizes as you want. Put it in forward, it’s okay to use scissor to cut it randomly! Of course, it will do nothing to the LED screen.
  • Portability: If you need to carry the transparent LED display, that’s absolutely achievable! Simply roll the transparent LED screen into you pocket, and here we go!
  • Vividly: Well, the transparent LED film have high refresh rate too! With a refresh rate of higher than 3840Hz, that’s the insurance of your viewing experiences!

Nevertheless, These Glass LED screens offer a creativity platform for the society to deliver their creativity ideas, whether utilized in retail settings or for advertising purposes but to consider the high cost of maintenance as well as the installation process that may need to be aware of. So, if you want to control your budget, deliberate decision should be taken.

3. Conclusion

In conclusion, types of LED screen display should be use in its correspondent situations, in order to reveal the best function of the products. Choose the LED display types wisely, save your budget and create an amazing event or venue!