People often look at the refresh rate of portable devices. When people demand high-spec in new technology, so does the picture quality of their electronic gadgets. Apart from the updated portable devices with the high refresh rate, LED screen display is also acquired now. And not many people are noticing it. This blog will provide an insightful information about the high refresh rate in LED screen display market, and wish this blog will help you solve one of your puzzles.
LED Display application

2.What is a refresh rate?

  • Definition

The frequency at which the LED screen refreshes, often referred to as the ‘refresh rate’, is measured in Hertz (Hz). This rate indicates how many times per second the screen updates, and is a key indicator of stability and flicker-free performance. The refresh rate essentially reflects the speed at which the screen updates, and is typically imperceptible to the human eye if it exceeds 60Hz. However, when you switch to an LED display, the requirements are different.

  • What is the LED display refresh rate?

So, what exactly is this “refresh rate” in the realm of LED screen displays? Picture it as the heartbeat of your LED screen displays—the pulse that keeps the visuals alive and dynamic. Now, let’s break it down in simple terms. You have to picture this: you’re flipping through a book. The faster you turn the pages, the smoother the story flows before your eyes. In the LED display world, this gap-less flow is the magic of the refresh rate.

Much like your smartphone or tablet, LED displays have a refresh rate too. It’s like the number of frames in a movie—except here, it’s frames per second, and it technically measured in Hertz, in which the HZ would tell us about how many times per second the screen refreshes itself. But why does it as the priority matter in purchasing LED display after all?Why is refresh rate so much important?

  • Why does the LED display refresh rate are so important?

The Relationship between LED Display Pixel Pitch and LED display Refresh Rate
Let’s explore the relationships between the LED video wall pixel pitch and the LED display refresh rate! Imagine each pixel as a brushstroke, contributing its unique hue to the masterpiece. The refresh rate, akin to the tempo of the dance, dictates the speed at which these pixels are re-imagined. A higher refresh rate sets a faster pace, orchestrating a seamless and vivacious display. However, the Pixel pitch, which corresponds with resolution, indicates the density of pixels (LED clusters) on an LED display.

The importance of refresh rate
Pixel pitch, more commonly referred to as pitch or dot pitch, is the distance in millimeters between the center of one pixel and the center of the subsequent pixel. Because pixel pitch represents the amount of space between two pixels, a lower pixel pitch suggests that there is less empty space between pixels. This translates towards higher pixel density and greater LED screen display resolution.
high refresh rate
Captivating Audiences with High-Definition, Fluent Visual Dynamics
Like other types of LED display application, majority numbers of LED display are used to as the advertising display screen led and that is to say, to use the LED screen as the LED display billboard, it not only have highly demanding in brightness, contrast as well as the fluency and sharpness.

  • Explain the difference between Refresh rate and Frame rate

Difference in unit of measurement: refresh rate use HZ, frame rate use FPS.
Difference factors influence improvement: refresh rate depends on the upgrade on monitor, the fps depends on the GPU.
If the refresh rate are not syn in with the frame rate, users can not enjoy an enhanced viewing experience with any noticeable lag or stuttering effects.

3.Related products of High refresh rate LED

  • Transparent LED film

As we all recognized that the transparent LED display has been widely adopted in numbers of shopping mall since the day it came out. Besides, the applied of the transparent LED displays also are the notably way to decorate the mall and always glowing with various theme vibes according to the holidays. For example, when you trolling in the shopping mall, what comes firstly into your eyes? I guess the big transparent LED display will be the first one.

What if the transparent LED film presenting dynamic effects related to Christmas, what it will be? Santa carry his gift bag above the LED transparent screen, or the falling snow in the transparent led display screen, makes you feels like standing in the snow ground. Have any interested in learn more about the transparent LED display now? We outline these point you might wonder:What is the special of the transparent flexible display?

Have you notice a roll up led screen in the public? Did you know that those LED displays has its own term called transparent LED film? How much do you know about the transparent glass led display? Can you image the transparent LED screen obtain the soft degree good, you can easily roll the LED screen transparent up and take it anywhere you want.

One of the remarkable features of transparent glass LED displays is their soft degree, which refers to the flexibility and adaptability of the display. The thin and flexible nature of the LED display allows it to be applied to curved or irregular surfaces, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
Another special of the transparent LED displays is the versatility. The ability to cut the display into any desired shape or size makes it incredibly adaptable to various building types, mostly applied in the shopping mall as well as the airport, or the private club. The transparent LED film could meet each design requirements. It opens up possibilities for creative and innovative display solutions, flawlessly integrating digital content into physical spaces.

You don’t want to miss out on the breakthrough of a flexible LED transparent film with a 7680 Hz fast refresh rate. This groundbreaking technique dispels any misconceptions regarding transparent glass LED displays that consumers may have held. The fast refresh rate guarantees that the presented material is fluid, sharp, and visually appealing, resulting in an excellent viewing experience.

If you are concerning about the cutting will occur any damage to the transparent led film or not, the answer is no! We provide 24/7 customer service, If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

  • TP 1000S series

The TP1000S series is another TOP Dance product that is highly recommended for individuals looking for rental LED displays on a budget. If you’re looking for cost-effective choices without sacrificing quality or performance, the TP1000S series is ideal.
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TP 1000S series provides 5 types pixel pitch combined with a remarkable 3840Hz high refresh rate, it guarantees smooth and vibrant visuals, enhancing the overall viewing experience for any audience. This dynamic refresh rate ensures that fast-moving content, such as dance performances or moving scene, is displayed without any blurring or distortion. In the LED market, LED display refresh rate ranged within 1920 Hz, 3840Hz, and 7680Hz.

Standout installation of TP 1000S series that makes the process of installment become faster and easier. The holders ensure a secure grip, aiding swift setup and breakdown, benefiting event organizers and technicians by simplifying LED display deployment for events. The TP1000S series equipped advanced technology to protect the main engine. With the advanced protection technology, the TP1000S series engine is able to minimize the potential for issues, reducing the concerns of operators significantly.

The TP1000S series’ wide viewing angle ensures that viewers may see the screen well even from great distances—up to 50 meters away. The reach and impact of your material are increased because to this wide-ranging viewing capabilities, which makes it the perfect option for bigger venues and events. The TP1000S series ensures that all viewers, whether nearby or far away, will have an immersive viewing experience.
Indoor and outdoor LED display
In conclusion, the TP1000S series is renowned for its long lifespan in addition to its high refresh rate and great display quality. Users may enjoy the advantages of this monitor for a sizable length of time before needing to think about a replacement after using it for around 1000 hours. Purchasing from the TP1000S series is a wise decision both in terms of performance and lifespan.


Pixel pitch(mm) 2.5 2.604 2.976 3.91 4.81
Cabinet size 500*1000mm 500*1000mm 500*1000mm 500*1000mm 500*1000mm
LED Type SMD1415 SMD1515 SMD2121 SMD2121 SMD2121
Module size 250*250mm 250*250mm 250*250mm 250*250mm 250*250mm
Module resoulution 100×100 96×96 84dots × 84dots 64dots × 64dots 52*52dots
Cabinet Weight 14kg/㎡ 14kg/㎡ 14kg/㎡ 14kg/㎡ 14kg/㎡
Refresh Rate ≥3840hz ≥3840hz ≥3840hz ≥3840hz ≥3840hz
Gray scale 14-16 14-16 14-16 14-16 14-16
Best Viewing Distance 3~50m 3~50m 3~50m 3~50m 3~50m
Best Viewing Angle 160`(W)120(H) 160`(W)120(H) 160`(W)120(H) 160`(W) 120`(H) 160`(W)120`(H)
Lifetime 100000h 100000h 100000h 100000h 100000h
Display Card DVI display card DVI display card DVI display card DVI display card DVI display card
Working Voltage AC220V±15% / 110V±15% AC220V±15% / 110V±15% AC220V±15% / 110V±15% AC220V±15% / 110V±15% AC220V±15% / 110V±15%
Brightness ≥800 ≥800 ≥800 ≥800 ≥1000
Driver Way 1/40 1/32 /1/25 /1/28 /1/16

When holding a party in places like warehouse, indoor concert hall, or the big event that require high definition of the pictures, then it’s wise to take TP1000S series as your first consideration. On the contrary, if you want to present an excellent visual effects among the certain theme, then you always can go for the transparent LED film. The visual effects appear as if by magic will attract more people as well as liven up your event perfectly.


The higher refresh rate of the LED display acquired, the amazed viewing experience that the audience would go through. TOP dance here are offering all you need. If you have any inquiry about the LED screen display products, please feel free to ask us.